Better AI for the Units

Currently the game employs limited intelligence for only a limited number units when they are selecting targets and actions.

Most units attack anything they can reach in the order in which they can reach them.

Some units are selective.

Mummies only attack units, blockades, barricades, and ultimately the castle.

Mortars (used to) only attack units (I believe).

Cannons (on the offensive) only attack building (with maybe a few very rare exceptions).

But that seems to be about the limit to the selectiveness of attacks.

There needs to be a lot more to the unit’s intelligence.

Like a Froster should stop and try to take out a Firebolt Tower.

And an Arblaster shouldn’t try to shoot down a Skull or Bomb Tower.

A lot of times Arblasters will try to engage Skull Towers a lane over which is ridiculous!

I’d love to see units become more selective in target. 

And not just ranged units, I think Werewolves should have the same basic intelligence as mummies except since they don’t need to stop for blockades and barricades, they should only attack units and again ultimately the castle.  But like them focus on hunting down enemy units.