Better Chat

Hi There. 


The chat function in this game is really poor. We need a place to communicate inside the game. Some place that will allow you to write more then just one line and also it needs to have a history, so that you can se what was written two days ago!

How about some sort of alliance wall function?


The Mail system also needs an overhaul. Leaders and generals should be able to write in game mails to all alliance members and those mails also need to support more then one line. In fact Your allowed number of friends seams so low that you can’t even be friends with all your  alliance members, unless this number grows as the alliance grows!?


Thats All for now.


Regards Tricubed

A better chat has been suggested many times already, it seems they’ll never improve it

Well still, if it is voiced enough times perhaps they will improve it at some point. :slight_smile: Development takes time…

At least we now have spell check/autocorrect in chat. Saves me a hell of a lot of time.

Edit: We also now have swipe text

What is swipe text?

The auto correct is not working for me… Not even when I use English keyboard. (on iPhone)

It would also be nice to be able to tap in a sentence to correct like a single letter…

Swipe is when you drag your finger over the keyboard and it makes the word you want instead of tapping each individual letter.

I don’t have those functions on my Windows Phone nor my Windows 10 PC