Better control over notifications



I have been a quite active player since the begining of the game now (even if some people are much more active than me), and I saw the game enriching over and over again. With most new functionality came a new notification. So now I receive dozens of notifications from the game every day, and  am not interested in most of them, and some notifications I would like to have don’t even exist. What I would like is that the dev team adds the following notifications : cooldown for forging over (over an item, a spell, a troop, or a defense), ad for chest available, and cooldown for alliance donation over (maybe I forget some, but these ones would be very useful).

Also create a screen where you can enable/diasble the notifications by kind (as an example, I don’t care at all that Granny has new items, but I get the notification several times every day, but I would like to keep the notifications when my troops are upgraded).

Thank you in advance for your consideration !



Your ideas are good :slight_smile:  . I appreciate them…