Better event head-up please

So i just logged in to the game and saw a offensive upgrade event which give faster upgrade speed for troop and spell. The problem is it start in just a few more hour while my troop academy already being upgrade and it still have 5 days left. I checked fb page only have post about the donkey is cute and in the forum  was only post about black smith event .

 There should be a head-up about a week before the event start, not based on my demand but on how long the game upgrade time for building of troop and spell take so player wont miss the event because of the game own mechanic.

I’m fine with not have the chance of taking advantaged of this event this time. Just hope for better planing and announcing based on how the event work. 

Yes I agree. I had to skip some events also. It would be good that events occur at current rate but their head up is increased.

long time we suggest this thing since 4 years. Not happen again… :slightly_frowning_face: