Better filters for player and alliance

We have several filter options at alliance plus player level.

On alliance level you can have an open team, players get only accepted on request or the team is closed. Especially on the option only on request it’s sometimes annoying.

A player requests to join while he doesn’t fit in our expectations. Reason can be too low hero level, not high enough daily donation or another reason. After rejection some players keep bombarding the alliance requesting to join. If we had an option to set some filters on hero level, trophy level or on daily donation we could prevent to get even requests from those players. Those rules could also be displayed to the player who tries to join, so that he understands the reason why we don’t want to accept him in our team. During war season for example I also don’t accept players. It would be awesome to have that as extra filter option.

We filter on hero plus trophy level, since we want our members to be able to win raids during war. Where is the fun when you get raided a lot and can’t even beat a single player of an opponent.

We get a lot of requests of very low players, players with very low donation or a trophy level lately and after turning down a request, some players just don’t know when to quit. They keep bombarding the team with a new request immediately after being turned down. Filter options on alliance level would prevent this.

As a player I also would like to have some filter options instead of checkboxes to turn invitations and friend requests down. Because I lead two teams I leave my invitation checkbox active, so that I sometimes can switch teams. Also my team sometimes helps friendly teams, so turning invitations off is not so handy. When we would have filters where we could specify alliance level or specific alliances that can invite us, it would prevent invitations from other teams where we aren’t interested in.

Lately I get bombarded with invitations from alliances which have a very low level plus members not even having 900 trophies. I am not even interested in receiving those invitations and a filter option on minimum alliance level would already prevent me to receive those requests.

To make it even worse, very low players are also asking me to add them to my friend list. Also here an option to filter on trophy level, hero level and daily donation would be welcome. Of course members of the team can be in my friend list, but getting bombarded with friend requests of very low players is just costing me precious time.

I would love to have additional filter options on both alliance as on player level to exclude some requests. It would make things a lot easier and not force me to take actions (decline) where I am not interested in.

Very good improvement, hope to see such filters soon in the game.

We got the same problems with requests.

I like this idea. I can see problems with it too. What about when a player that drops trophies? Let’s say you have a min 3k trophies, 90 hero level and 150k AT.

Now someone that has  2900 Trophies, 89 hero level and a 1000k AT can’t join. If that same person applied he would have probably been easily accepted. But now he can’t even apply unless maybe he sends a friend request to you. 

Although I know you are very limited on your friend list, I enjoying talking with new people of every level and welcome friend request. Can’t promise you will stay on it very long. As you have the able to turn it off don’t see it as a big deal.


When a player drops trophies, that’s his or her problem I would say. For our team we would only set the filter on hero level plus donation. So for us it would be no problem.

Filters don’t have to be applied, it’s no must to turn them all on. So that would solve the trophy dropping problem. My friend request I just disabled. Not handy as a leader, but at the moment the best option, since I got daily many friend requests.

What is your hero level requirement?

Our hero level requirement is 80. Even when the base isn’t that fantastic, we usually accept. A player gets the time to grow and will be supported by the team by giving advice how to improve both offense and defense.

As a matter of fact, we also look at donation level, it’s a combination of both. A player doesn’t have to have 250k+ donation, although it would be handy for keeping some permanent boosts.

At the moment we seriously get overwhelmed by requests to join. So we now have to decide who to let us join and who will be turned down (Sorry if we did).

In war season everyone will be turned down, unless we know the player. We don’t take any risks.

I am not sure if we have a free spot at the moment. We still have members outside and they get highest priority. We keep a spot in reserve always for friendly visits or for members on vacation that return. And in times we don’t have a spot, we always have gold in reserve for a new spot.

I think it is a combination too. The filter may block your ability to find good players. If a level 70 applied that donates 1 million vs a 85 that donates 250k. I would pick the 70 with a million.

I let myself getting dragged away. Let me give an example.

For alliance

  • Minimum hero level => 80
  • Trophy amount minimum=> Would set it to 0, since we don’t care for that
  • Daily donation minimum=> Would set it to 100k.
  • Players excluded => <Name of players excluded> (When we kicked a player, I would include it automatically)
  • Requests during war season => Not allowed

This means we can get requests from a hero level 80, with at least 100k donation, unless the name of the player is excluded

For me personally

  • Invitations by alliance level minimum => 66, since I don’t want an invitation (Highest alliance level is 65)
  • Invitations by alliances always allowed=> Genie and Master, my second team. Could add friendly team here (Teams in this filter can always invite you)
  • Friend requests => 
    • Players from teams in war season, not allowed (maybe some will like to have this on).
    • Generals and leaders turned on.
    • Team members, turned on
    • Player always allowed => <Name of player>  (This option makes it easy to accept a player without turning off all filters first)
    • Other friend requests => turned down

This would already help me a lot.

When you look for a player it’s very easy. It works in both ways. You are right, the player can’t request to become member, but we can still invite him to become our member, depending on what he wants.

The player can protect himself by setting filters so that he doesn’t get invited by teams not meeting his expectations.

So say I am looking for a new player, I can invite only players who let me by their filters. So when the level 70 player for example sets his filters to:

  •  Invitations by alliance level minimum=> 30
  • Invitations by alliances always allowed => <Name some teams that’s not my team>
  • Teams that can’t send invite => <Name some teams, except mine>

My alliance has level 38, so I would be able to send him an invitation, just based on minimum requirement of him (only when he excluded my team I can’t). He can’t request to join us, since he doesn’t meet the level 80 expectation of my team. Nice fact is that once you leave a team for a reason and don’t want to get invites from them any more, you can arrange it by adding the team to a filter.   

In this case both the player 70 profits, so he won’t get invited by teams that he has no interest in. And teams don’t get requests for join that don’t fit in their team expectations.

It’s definitely not perfect, but it’s a start. Players can activate filters to keep requests away where they aren’t interested in and teams don’t have to turn down players that don’t meet their expectations. It’s a win-win situation.


I agree, It’s a start. It’s better than it was, but could be better. Would like the ability to have a welcome page and requirements to join that any player can see too. I have invite off but when I turn it on,when I was looking I have over 20 invitation within 30 minutes. I can see  how a filter could make thing better.

I also think a filter that let you pick which boosts you want when looking for a  alliance  is better then the level.

Glad you like it. Hope the development team reads it and gets excited plus introduces this. I think a lot of players plus teams will be happy.

Dena4, I support your suggestions BUT when the requirements are as many and detailed as you provided it is easy to loose focus.  I would like to ask you a very difficult question, but it has a very high value. The question goes like this:

If you can have only 1, (yes only one) of all the things you ask, what will you choose?  (If you can not choose one thing then you will get none)

I know you didn’t ask me, but I feel the most important is Alliance Tower. The game by design favour the ones that spend. They’re also the ones that are more likely to do all rounds and donate daily.

I would ask hero minimum level for alliances.

For player I would say minimum alliance level.

Dena, Was rereading the post. I have never applied to your alliance. Your team sound fun and your people have a presents on the forum. The more I play the game the more I learn there are many ways to play it. Maybe one day I will apply.

At the moment we have no free spots. I keep gold in reserve for one of our team members now on vacation. But you are definitely welcome