Better item management

I’ll get right to it. The current system for selling items makes me want to permanently stop playing this game every time I have to use it to sell more than a couple of items at a time. I’ve come very close to doing it more than once. I’m sure I can’t be the only one. The problem arises from the inventory system being entirely geared towards equipping heroes, with very little thought towards convenient item management on any larger scale. Given the amount of selling necessitated by the limited inventory space and an endless flow of loot boxes, this is a terrible mistake. To cut down on frustration, we need at least these improvements:

1) the ability to mark multiple items to be sold all at once. This is crucial. Having to select each item individually for sale is absolutely draining.

2) a better way to browse items. In addition to the difficulty of actually selling the items one by one, we now have to hunt them down through endless menus. Because of the current way the inventory is displayed, the full list of items for a hero is a complete mess and very hard to keep track of. Viewing them by item type makes it more manageable, but then you have to constantly switch between not only heroes but also item categories.

My solution: in addition to the current screen for equipping heroes, we also need an option for a list view that displays each item’s attributes (including price) on one row and fits many items to a screen.

Simplified view, no big item models taking up loads of space, and no hero model taking up half the screen on the left. The list should include all item types, and ideally it would be possible to scroll down a single, unified list through every hero as well, and of course mark every desired item to be sold together without having to select and sell them one by one. There should be options to sort the list by hero, type and rarity. It should also be possible to select individual items from the list for forging.

You’re doing both yourselves and the player base a huge disservice with the current system. The sooner you retool it, the better off we’ll all be, so I really hope you make this a priority. I’m frankly shocked it’s taken this long, given similar improvements in other places (quest list, chat system).

I’m not sure if I agree with the tone, but better item management would be cool.

Awesome suggestions my friend I hope madlen read this thread and pass info to Developers.

They did change the quest menu so why not change it for items ?

The option to sell multiple items will be a life saver instead of changing screen between different heroes and then selecting individual items.

I just want to impress on whoever it might concern that having struggled my way through selling probably thousands of items in this game, I’ve reached a point where I consider this sort of improvement a matter of life and death, if not for the game as a whole, then certainly for my ongoing status as a player. I can scarcely think of any more important thing to be working on as far as improving the experience goes.

I will like if the item cna be placed the best on the left and the worst on the right in order. Each time I want to chance a ring or amulet or trinket I must look all of them to see the one in double green

So the the strong one should be always appear first to avoid to search and lose time to find them. Plus if they can be together. Cooldown with Cooldown, Attack speed with Attack speed. Will be a life savior in time spend. I hate lose 40 min just to check all when you have over 280 items slots

Bump because no official reply and this is still as big a problem as ever. Every war, every odyssey, items just pile up and it’s a huge pain to manage them.

Didn’t see these recommendations either.

I would love to see suggestion #1 being made, that in itself would cut ‘sell time’ down by a huge amount, and prob isn’t that difficult to implement.  

The other suggestions are good also, but for me #1 rules!! :slight_smile:

Hi there, I have forwarded it to the devs. If I get an answer I will make sure to post it here!

Thanks for your suggestions.

Thanks, hopefully this will be made a priority!

Hi there,

The devs like both of your suggestions. We will discuss internally (feasibility and so on)  :slight_smile:

hi madlen,

if you are discussing a better item management here also some comments from my side… (this comments are motivated from a point of view of a user who has many items…)

* i rarely use the option to “lock” items (i find it hard to find them again if i want to change or other reasons)
* right now i do not fully complete the forging (when the update time is over) and use this list i get as “forge overview” -> in this way i have at least “good” items i wand to superforge, and “bad” items that i only up for the purpose to get dismantled. but both mixed in one list, but it is at least a subset of all items…
* i make screenshots of items i want to dismantle, simply because i cannot remember them or have a good way of finding “bad” items and have no option to distinguish them from other items


So my suggestion:

i think it would make the forge easier if we can mark items as “(super) forgeable” (… because of rare perks, good values, or whatever we think that they should be superforged) and items that can be marked as “to dismantle”. rememver: this items need also to be forged, as food for the “(super) forgeable”.

* in the first step of forging (where you select the item to be forged), we should be able to select between “all items” / “(super) forgeable” / “to dismantle”.
* in the second step (since there is no need to sacrifice “(super) forgeable” items any more - uniques do not need the best values any more and also normal items not), we should be able to select between “all items” / “to dismantle”. (locked items, if you want to keep this function, do not show up here). but i would be also ok, if i have here the same selection as before, one just has to be careful wich subset of items is selected.


and if you want to make us really happy, support us with more informations about the items (what level, how powerful they are,…) … e.q. if we yould have a % number for the base values and each perk on it where the actual value is compared to the maximal value possible with respect to level and forging step (color/stars on it)…
the maximal value possible would then be if e.g. the highest possible perk of a green 1* item would always be forged with the highest possible item…


edit: this is in addition to what already has been said. even if i will not use a “sellable” option, since i will dismantle themn… but if it would have the same function as the “to dismantle” option, then i don’t care what name it has (of course ?)

another great feature would be able to Tag an item immediately when you find it in a chest instead of having to go to the hero screen later. 

Thanks, I have forwarded the updated thread once more :slight_smile:

very cool, thanks. if you qould like something to laugh, i can make a video how forge-management and item selection does look like now ?. an improvement would be so cool.

I personally agree with you as well :grinning:

@Madlen sorry to ping you, but some remarks and another suggestion to be discussed:

1st, remark: maybe below the lock you can implement kind of thumb up/down that shine (like the closed lock) if selected. (or just one button and if you click you can select “neutral” / “thumb up” / thumb down" … kind of this to define subsets that can then be selected in forge or for selling or whatever…



2nd, another suggestion:

would it be possible to utilise the “forge-list” where you can see the timeline of items to be forged so that we can see if this is a locked (and a thumb up/down in near future :slight_smile:  ) and what base and perks are on it (in this excample i took the two from above, of course when silver / gold refine cycle you have up two 4 then…)

at the moment if you want to see what item perks it has you have to open it and then when you go back you have to scroll down the list again…
for me alone (if i am the only one who uses this list like shown) you dont have to do this of course, but maybe it would be nice to see what kind of perks are going to be forged - sometimes you also have several running, so i asume i am not the only one who would like this)


edit: of course because of the first symbol it should be clear what base ability is like, but on trinkets you dont see this… 

Okay, thanks, I have forwarded it. We will discuss internally. :slight_smile:

the post of NaN remember me feature we see in online game on PC. People put a like or dislike and a post who talk about the items. So every player can see the pro and cons of each items. In OR can be awesome at least not for all items there is too much but maybe for Unique items. A share community items. When you get a unique item then you can like it, dislike it and add a post if you want. Can add more fun to the game and less frustrating and allow us to avoid to forge or superforge a item who is bad in reality

We see this for pet and guardian in some game with stars or in some game with rarity stars system for heroes,pet,gardian or god in some RPG games. People share what they think about the pet or heroes if its good or not.

By example if I got Fire Imp 3 stars you click on details and see the reviews. So if the majority said its bad and don’t worth upgrade him so you don’t waste your time keep it

So in OR can be cool a reviews systems. If I got a unique item for Ariadne and I have no clue if the item worth it. You can click Review and read all

(I will check my game on my ipad and try to give you screenshot of what I means)

B u m p .

Are votes new? Feel free to vote. Also discuss.

Im voting for better item management in general. I don’t mind the selling part, I dont sell items, almost never. Here are basic functions we need to have, in my opinion.

  1. Be able to switch to color items with a button
  2. Be able to sell/forge/lock items when we receive them
  3. Be able to see the locked items entirely, even the items being worn
  4. Be able to see all the uniques and the doubles especially
  5. Be able to sub - categorize some kind of items (like a few 4* or some rare perks). I would also want to put all these items, that I want to save for later in a “category”. I don’t want to see them, but then I dont want to look for them, I want to check the category and find what I want.

The last one helps with values. It will help a lot of the new members. If I can put in a category 10 items with AS, then I can see what is the highest and what is the best for me. If I can also put the demo weapons, I can see which heroes are missing demo, or see my values for demo, which is more rare and harder to calculate. And so on.