better match-making in leagues!

Hello everyone! I’m almost a level 94 king now and I can hardly win any diamond league. I have won only 4 or 3 till date and I’m playing this game from may 2014 :confused: this is really very disappointing. My suggestion is to match level 94 players with level 94 players ONLY! not level 105 players or top ten players. Please do see into this issue. I bet I’m not the only one who is a victim of this pathetic problem :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve seen many leagues won by lower players, level 95 or so players beating players in the hundreds often, its not player level that counts its activity, being level 100+ doesn’t mean you get extra raids or extra medals.

Hey. This issue is about medal bonus mainly. I am online most of the time and I usually have 5% medak bonus but anyone with 10% bonus easily beats me :confused:

I don’t use any bonus in leagues ever and can win them, not always but often enough, especially in a war season.

Remember you are a level 100+ player. When I was a newbie in the game you were a regular show at the top ten :slight_smile:

True, but I am trying to point out that its not all leaderboard dependant, I don’t and have never used matchmaker so that bonus is lost on me, as for levels, many good kings of level 95+ can beat bases as easily as a lvl 100+ king now.

Not true. I cannot still scroll free many bases as a level 94 king but I can scroll free mike the lion man

Just attack him a lot then, lol. Find the ones you can beat and concentrate on them rather than using MM, its easier.

Mike is my friend lol he will kill me if i will strip him

i won the diamond league quest when i was lvl 87 king…i didnt use matchmaker just raider till my arms were aching

The level range is just stupid in my opinion. In mine the levels range from around 25 to 80+


… and they probably always will as you get higher kings lose tournaments and lower kings win and go up a level … that’s the nature of a promotion/demotion league system

But still , league match making should improve

Stupid Yusuf, go play better and upgrade your bloody farm.And pray for easier opponent.Or did you concentrate more on your cricket , captain ?

Apocalypse has changed you

I’m 1st and there is a level 25 (1 of 4 in the league) in 2nd place

Someone should explain to the windows players what League even is.


We have limited food so this part of the game isn’t an option for us. :slightly_frowning_face:


Sounds like fun, though!



Hey fii!! I only get 6 hours of play because of cricket ^_^