better match-making in leagues!


yusuf i support you.

Truly it should be in some grounds , trophies or level or something more pronouncing which can have equal competition rather than high investors always winning it or much higher level players. but i think it happens on when We click “join the new league”  time dependent isnt it?



"Hello everyone! I’m almost a level 94 king now and I can hardly win any diamond league. I have won only 4 or 3 till date and I’m playing this game from may 2014 :confused: this is really very disappointing. My suggestion is to match level 94 players with level 94 players ONLY! not level 105 players or top ten players. Please do see into this issue. I bet I’m not the only one who is a victim of this pathetic problem  :slightly_frowning_face:



I also support huck. Till tapjoy is there windows players will be suffering this bro. :slightly_frowning_face:

Now I’m just waiting to aether’s reply ^_^

i play on windows pc…i bought food and did league quest in 30 days

at lvl 75 i think

maybe 85

Because you are a premium player in flare’s language and a paying player in ours :slight_smile:

Matchmaking in league? never heard of that lol. I remember when I was low level and beat several times Bronze,silver and gold against level 80 or 90. Today its the inverse at level 92 I am match with only level 30 or 40 and they have no chance to win Platinum league or other league if I am there lol. I win like 12 times in a row Platinum League since 2 month.Just the Diamond its impossible because you are match with level 100,105,107 or 109 who can gain easily 1,000 medals each minutes and gain like 90k medals in 2 hours

its ok for me :lol: but not fair for low players. Its time for Flaregames to give several wave in the league. 30 with 30,40 with 40,50 with 50,etc… not 30 with 90 or 90 with 110. The matchmaking need a big improve in this game

but to be honest i think people have make demand of that since 1 year and nothing 

Many windows players still don’t have enough food to win the diamond, unless they buy it constantly. The reason is that Vungle does not work in most of the countries.

The highest i could score in the diamond was ~20-25K medals during the 3 days. The league winners score it in 1 day…

There was a proposition once to make separate diamond leagues for windows players. Not sure whether it is technically possible.

I won diamond three time now and i,m a free Windows player. I won each time by scoring between 24k and 28k. Didn’t get any food via video and I didn’t even used any vouchers. You just have to wait for the right occasion. 

Consistently doing 50k to 120k medals here despite working 8 to 12 hours a day and I’m Windows player.

Keep complaining people, I’ll just farm those medals while you waste time being lazy.Not gonna unlock my 8th melting slot in two months time if I complaint more than I play right ? Zzzz

Mr. Schmouk, I’m happy for you that you did it. Chapeau my friend. :slight_smile: A free windows player deserves to win the diamond.

But believe me, lately, I’m stuck in the diamond for over 3 months now and still haven’t seen anyone win with these sums you have mentioned. I score close to it by myself sometimes. The highest I’ve got is #3. It’s probably pure luck for a free windows player to win the diamond. Let’s not lose the hope…


And Fii, I’m not complaining. I’m happy with my game playing. Not too far from you, by the way, with my strength. And all this was achieved the hard way, as an absolutely free player on a very problematic windows platform. Very satisfied with it, cause I didn’t buy my way up, but instead, did all by strategy and skill.

Nice bragging though about the 120K… And some of us work 14-18 hours a day, 7 days a week. So calling people lazy in order just to offend, is a bit inappropriate. RR2 is not a job by the way.

Lazy is lazy, even while working you can play while on break or pooping.If you know you dont have time to play then accept fact you cant win, dont complaint.Others spent their time for both game and work and you choose spend only for work.Being fair maybe you want to avoid a Ryan-Brooke tragedy but still no right to complaint.You give less you get less.

Oh yeah working as a banquet staff in a hotel means June to December I could work 16 hours a day too lol I’m not a CEO or manager.


I guess strategy and skill of yours dont work well.Get advice from Pelle, his toxic seems to be doing him super good.This game not a job but an entertainment, what you get by complaining is stress, which you get in a job not some fun thing like gaming.So you turn this into a job yourself already.Honestly at some point it feels a job to me also, but I dont complaint, just play better and smarter.

If we need advice we could indeed go to ask oPelle. He at least is polite, a role model for everyone and never offending like you are doing lately Fii.

I honestly find it hard to believe that you are the original Fii, not that it matters what I think or believe and it’s not meant in any way to offend you.

Let the facts speak for itself. The original Fii helped players, was very polite, never showed off, was a master in defense and was a role model for many players. At least you act completely opposite at the moment, don’t you realize that you are offending players, is there a reason for this?

Maybe you indeed got your original account back, if you are the same person then accept my apologies for thinking you are another person right now. Here my advice. Behave like the original version of Fii, we loved that wonderful person.

You are right about the fact that we are complaining a littlebit too much. I am working on that.

In marketing there is a saying: “A customer that complains, is still a customer and a good one, cause he wants you to improve. A customer that is not complaining, he’s either not a customer anymore, or does not care about you”.

Many of us do care about this game and would like it to improve, so that players will enjoy RR2 even more.

Genie & Master alliance Rules! :slight_smile: