Better More Clearer Ranking and Classes

Due to the newest changes in the game there is almost no way to differentiate between beatable opponents and opponents leauges


outside of your weight class.The curent medal/trophy/Castle build does not match up at all.How can a guy at 2777 trophies with a


trophy yeild of say 28 and a medal yield of say 9 be just as difficult or as hard to defeat as a guy with say 2552 trophies with a yeild of


about 116 and a medal yield of 18.There’s absolutly no gauge what so ever in picking opponents. This game sorley needs a better


decifering tool between the weight classes.


Also why are the trophy yields so low now? And why are the Medal yields so low?  How do you expect players to ever place in a


decent slot if the you got guys capable of earning 200+ medals a battle in the same tournaments as players who are only capable of


earning 116 to 28 medals a battle? It makes no sense when the higher you raise in rank the higher the already unbeatable players go


in rank too. In a nut shell you guys have got this game set up to where whoever is on top stays on top and whoever is on the bottom


stays on the bottom. Were’s the incentive to spend real money in a game so lumpsided in this way? Flat out guys who have reached a


certain lvl shouldn’t even have access to guys of a lower lvl in the opponent pool and in the league battles as well as guild battles Its


David vs.Goliath almost everytime I log on to play even the guys in my guild have all but given up most of the guys in my guild trophy


amounts have barely budged in a month and they log on and play regularly.i myself have improved my kingdom drastically in a period


of 3 months but yet and still i’m no closer to earning my 5th star then I was 6 months ago and my win lose ratio has actually gotten


worse with every improvment’