Better Production Rate

First, I just want to say I really enjoy playing the game. Literally the only game I play on my phone. I just have 2 suggestions for the game. 1) of course the production rate as stated in the title. It takes forever to earn ambrosia almost forcing the player to pay real money for gems. I mean EVERYTIME I go to attack a player (obviously I have to earn trophies to rank up) it costs me almost 200 or even more ambrosia, that means I could POSSIBLY attack 2 players before returning to my original spot (island with higher production). And then, my home islands produces ambrosia at a ridiculously low rate, it would take me a full day if not more to fill my ambrosia up.

Anyway, my second suggestion would be to somehow make it possible to see my alliance members within the world. I have these alliance members but no connection with them besides names on my screen, I’d like to be able to see their home island and watch how they’re building. Would be nice if there was a way to actually move our islands close together and actually make a territory of our own, would make the game a lot more exciting for alliances trying to take over certain territories rather than being apart, it’s more like everyone is fending for themselves no real help from their alliance besides an alliance boost, what good is a strong alliance leader if they can’t protect their weak? Let alone see whose attacking them? 

P.S. There should be a way to be able to track who attacked you, I know you can see that someone is on an island you were once on but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the person who kicked you off that island. 

But yea, other than that I really like the game, I understand it’s a brand new game so there’s still a lot you guys may do with it. Just felt like giving my suggestions on it. 

-C33N0T3 (Merk Squad)???

Hey there :slight_smile:

Regarding the Ambrosia, you can find some tips which might help you there: 


I will forward your other suggestions to the team :slight_smile:

Much appreciated ???

Thanks for the explanation Aether!  It was all I asked for !:) 

I disagree with moving the alliances closer to make a cluster of teamates.  War of nations had server after server die off because 1 clan would dominate and take over the whole world. 

War of nations was a fun game…:slight_smile: we may have crossed paths.  But yes, several games that allowed alliance territories quickly were dominated and caused people to flock to new servers.  I left my last game because of that.  I would not recommend it for this game.   But being able to see alliance members build make up would be beneficial for in alliance memtoring.

I’m interested in seeing how this game will progress.  Right now it’s a log in use up your food for attcks and log out for a couple hours. Come back and see your islands are gone and you have no food to get them back. 

I think the low production rate keeps the game more interesting but certainly leaves the player base less active.