Better Protection for Top 10 Leaderboard players

After 20 months, Flaregames have yet to stop trophy stripping and dumping.Despite the 3 attack per hour rule and limit of 15 trophies from top 10 players, its doesn’t at all stop this activity as theres now a whole alliance that can strip from a single player.It has caused the top 10 leaderboard to become a big joke and also to some a hell.For this, I hope Flaregames can take action to protect the top players much much more.We are mostly players who spent most time effort and money into the game.


At the moment for a top 10 player, we can get around 3 to 11 trophies (on rare occasion up to 20 if a player is dumped on heavily), mostly 5 or 6 per raid.As for the trophy stripper, they can take 13 trophies for a 67% scroll free raid and a full 15 trophies for 100%.That is usually at least 3 raids to recover the stripped trophies and if a player stripped for 3 times he/she could lose up to 45 trophies!!This is horrible, terrible, fcked up trophy system.


For me, this leaderboard battle should be between only the top players.It does not at all have to involve stripping and dumping.Admittedly I strip and dump too, it is the only way to survive top 10 unless you are rich guy with lots of free time to play.I work 8 to 13 hours a day, I don’t have that much time and so does many other top players.The act of stripping is not fair, dumping is also very wrong.Flaregames must stop this better!


My suggestion is to limit the trophies lost from being attacked by a player 100 or more ranks below you to only 3 per raid.Another suggestion is to completely remove the possibility to attack directly from the leaderboard.Leave attack option from only matchmaking or history page (as revenge option).This will stop both strip and dump.I personally like the 1st option better.Or maybe can think of a better way ? Whatever way it is, Flaregames must stop dumping/stripping.For dumping, limit also the trophies dump from rank 100+ below players to something around 5-10.


Hoping to see some serious change to the trophy system.


i know that feel lol tho now you are saying that to change there system since you are in top 10 and you want to stay there every one wants to this is happening from the last year flare do nothing you were also one of the strippers :stuck_out_tongue:

agreed they need protection…they invented trophy it should be stopped so you can make your run lololololollolol

+1, totally agreed!


It hurts doesn’t it, many of us gave up on top 10 some time ago as it really isn’t worth the time and effort to try and stay there. Actually removing the leaderboard would probably be the best option tbh, the game is now all about alliances, alliance boosts and wars as that is where FG have pushed it, sadly the individual leaderboard is nothing more than an alliance strip/dump display.



By they you mean wm2014 and his ‘family’ ? If not then you need to stop talking about top game play situation

Yeah I cant survive being in Todes like I do as RL player.Just too many stripper that even being dumped on doesnt cover the trophy loss.

hey ive seen many team mates…hit top 10 and get stripped 1k trophies over night…you all can keep top ten…it means nothing now except who has a few friends willing to dump or strip…enjoy your run .but if you dont make it dont cry about it…many others made run after run and got knocked down time and again.its a worthless accomplishment now. since you have been playing so long though flare should probably protect team mates had only played for 16 months…

its cuz they only want to be there one time, unlike others who want to be there consistently cuz its all they have left to do in the game.I’ve been to number 1 spot with and without dumps/strip.If you say it is worhtless, its probably cuz you can never reach that rank is a broken system, thats why theres complaint.unlike you, I care not just for myself but for others playing the game fairly only to be knocked out of competition or dragged into playing dirty as well.


“it means nothing now except who has a few friends willing to dump or strip”


this is why top 10 need protection you silly, to stop strip and dump so you ‘team mates’ can survive longer up there tho they probably wont cuz they wont at all have the will or interest to be there.

true no interest to be in a bought position. now you want a warranty on your purchase .lol.get a life we know the position means nothing. its a joke. but when you get there take a screenshot to show your friends.they might be impressed, if they dont play the can fix this yourself, just get your buddies to do for you what others have done.dump and strip

Top 10…what a waist of time and a LIE that is.Actually for Flare means business as usual.Some people are paying good gems to take your base down ,others just give it a go because they want to test their limits others just simple curiosity.

   The top 10 spot has never happen natural.Therefore staying top 10 wont happen natural.Like in politics .Getting to the top will get you assimilated by the system and in the end behave like everyone up there. What I mean is there is always a price to be paid when you want more.

    The fact that you made it to the top 10 is because others being in there (mostly from Vanguard)were stripped by players from Apocalypse SK RL and others.So don’t expect a top 10 holiday. Once I have realized what a stupid thing  top 10 is,I gave up instant on that Idea.It is artificial and a not true  achievement.Simple Because you as part of  SK or Apo will always get protected from 120 members.This top guys will never attack you as the deal is.So I’m asking you now if you like it or not.Is that natural for you to stay in top 10 if you never get attacked from the strongest Alliances? Because others are.And dumping trophies as part of history ,comes from SK as we all know and as it is practiced by others which are not part from RL SK APO .Sk still does it.Anyway it is just fare.You get protected by 120 top players,others are dumping trophies in order to see their name on the top 10.A bit of Narcissistic and a lie at the same time by all of you fighting for top 10.

 So guys don’t expect Flare to fix a stupid lie and a bobble where you all, let yourselves in. Because Frankly you guys are not better than anyone than 5500+.

It is a stupid lie since alliance are formed lol ask all the veterans and they all know how top 10 actual worth before alliance and before stripping (not much dumping before alliance)

That is why it need fix

And most top player are better than 5500+ lol better wave base boost skills money and time investment.Some are good at strip/dump so the reason why it need to be stop, again.

Top 10 battle should happen between top 10 people.Who are protected by 120 players ? Only Apo members really and I am from Todesritter.SK and RL attack each other now.It doesnt really matter if protected cuz theres VL and NA and IL to fight but when low rank stripper got involve, it ruins the fair fight up top.Stopping this and you have a fight between only top players, play more = top.Play better = top.

Always online trick are solved too.Never happen naturally ? Lmao you are obviously new then and rise after alliance update.After alliance update, leaderboard is a joke and thats all most people ever seen.Did SK started it ? I dont think so but they do however sadly continues just like others who complaint.Why ? Cuz FG didnt solve it.

Who to blame ? Not SK.Is it wm or doinno ? Dont think so either.FG’s fault.I dont see problem of being stripped down in other gsme cuz nobody can in game like CoC and BB attack directly from leaderboard.Every attack are from matchmaking within certain trophy range.

They have other problem for top players but much much smaller of an issue.Mainly always online issue.

I dream to have your kind of problems, fii fii  :stuck_out_tongue:


I still dont even understand the advantage of higher trophys.

only makes good loot harder to come by for me.



   Block any attack from the leader Board or through searching option (looking up for a specific player or alliance),and you really sort it out on the spot.This way even the war season becomes interesting as players are not allowed to try your base outside the war season and once they are getting familiar with it they attack you on war successful or not taken any chance on it if the fail.

   And I really support this idea…but Flare are not bothered with it that will involve to much work??? Maybe.

In MY opinion this makes zero sense at all. How are we to attack, how are we to recruit, how am I to find friends that cant fit in my friends list, no searching means not having anyone new to put in favourite either. Rely on the rubbish matchmaker or the pointless “revenge” idea? Yes why don’t I get “revenge” on someone 10 levels higher that even if by some miracle I beat the base would get peanuts in gold. All this to help “protect” top players?


Again…my OPINION

I agree…

Flare why don’t you offer a Protection Plan for top 10 players only?

Since they love fame and glory…

I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind to pay 5000 gems, for 3 hours Protection Plan

Angry cuz it will not allow you to strip anymore eh fcker ?

people take my trophies and gold everyday…the game is about plunder…i get attacked…why do you think you should be special ?stopping top ten from being attacked is like GIFTING YOU WITH THE you dont win it or earn it which means its worthless. imo.

I think the solution is too make a seperate game in game for these people

So nobody can attack them and they can t attack anybody else either

Even better a seperate ranking so the ‘ordinary’ people don t see those players anymore

I would even give them a special blacksmith (which is a bit more expensive then the one we have now) which makes bling bling armor that other people can t wear

And a war season against robots, so they don t loose trophies and don t bother other players either

And a seperate forum where you can only sing songs of praise for each other… Halleluja

I know true no 1 players like masterchiefofrock and some others… Never heard them complaining like babies because they were stripped by those people that are complaining now…

cups  ,really , that’s just sad ! ! !