Better rewards for achievements

So I would like to see better rewards for the achievements. At the moment they give like 20 gems for using Firestorm 50.000 times for example. Ive been playing for over a year and I still have 20% to go for my 20 gems reward! Seriously Flare for playing so long and using spells or units this many times there should at least be much better rewards than 20 gems or even 1M gold for producing 2.000.000 food. Ive been playing for so long and Im only halfway there! For only 1M gold!!


tl;dr Make achievements/missions less meaningless and give better rewards.

Should be more like 200 gems for 50k Firestorms, if you ask me. Totally agree with this. +1

The thing is, it’s all part of trying to get more payers. Less gems means the players get frustrated about low gems and feel the need to buy gems (or hack as many do)

Now any player can get gems cause of PL…And that too in a big number like 50k…It totally depends on his skills…So I don’t think gem is a issue now

the chances of a free player playing in all 4 weekly PL is about the same as staying alive when meeting a Grizzly bear, it’s possible, but not at all likely to happen. Only players with tons of gems in their pocket can participate in all 4 (or generous alliance members)

Definitely those achievements need better rewards, right now it’s completely useless to achieve them :stuck_out_tongue: