Better Rewards for Leagues


When we break the league record by +1 medal we get the record reward + 375 gems,
and if we break that same record by +200.000 medals we still get the same record reward + 375 gems

• Once we break a record, our reward should be our own score divided by 200, and keep increasing as we gain more medals

And maybe:
• Give some periodical prize for keeping the record (?)

I broke the record for the Diamond League last month, and we have to play the game on crazy levels to reach such high scores! Even unhealthy levels, when you play according to the rules and don’t share your account
So, ever since the rewards for the records were decreased by half (!!!), it’s not really worth it anymore



Even though we now have lots of ways to increase the amount of medals we gain, the effort required to break a record and reach such high scores is still insane, even when using all the medal bonus available in the game. There should be better rewards for all that effort.


Currently, we get the exact same rewards, regardless of our scores,
victories always give the same prizes on easy leagues and hard leagues:

• Make the rewards increase according to our scores

+5 gems for every 10.000 medals, for example.
So, on the Diamond League, scoring 100.000 medals would give +50 gems, increasing the reward to 425 gems for the 1st place, instead of only 375

Or, to have a more accurate gain, let us get a percentage of our scores converted to gems.
Like 0,05% for the same +50 gems with a 100.000 score.

If someone is scoring 200.000, 500.000 medals, it doesn’t matter if that’s not enough to break a League Record, that’s still a very high score, and that player should be rewarded with more than just the normal prizes!


I knew how did 77 lotc did his record- shared account. Do not know how did you, but same 1.7 mln

If true we do not need this league records.
Its cheaters territory

Pay in this way you ask - will give all this “cheaters” guys a huge advantage vs normal players

How to vote against🤣


I wonder if league record would not be rewarded with gems would there be still so many players willing to beat it?
Because now it is a playground for cheaters as Chromka said.


So i think 375 is good enouth!
No need more its my opinion

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Hi Darkerion,
First off, gratz to breaking the record for the Diamond League last month! :partying_face:
Thanks for the idea, but we will not do this.

We think it is part of the challenge and the intrinsic motivation - grinding to become the best.

“I wanna be the very best…like no one ever was.”

We also have to even further improve our efforts to catch all cheaters and make it a fair challenge for everyone!


It’s possible to score that much playing alone, but it requires +10 hours daily!!! :dizzy_face:
I did it on a free weekend and was completely exausted on the last day

The effort to do that alone is insane and the current rewards are not worth it at all!

It’s enough for a normal victory, but not for a hard league.
On the prints above, for example, 375 gems for the player that won with 54k medal is fine. But the same 375 gems for the player that had to score +300k medals to win is not fine at all.

Rewards should increase according to the difficulty of the victory

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If there were no rewards, the records would be 100% held by cheaters all the time, because a normal player would never do all the effort required to break a high record for nothing

And removing rewards from all players just to avoid giving them to cheaters is not really a good option. Only the cheaters should be punished, not everyone

That would be the same treatment that Monthly Pro-Leaderboard got, instead of finding a way to stop the cheaters they stopped the entire Monthly Leaderboard, and now no one has the chance for 50k gems and some extra pro-chests at the end of the month anymore

May be you right may be not

Madlen answered and i agree with:)

Do not make +300 k , who care about)

Its good they closed monthly pro prizes

50 k was toooooooooo much for this

If the reward was worth it, a lot of players would care

Who cares about winning?
Maybe any competitive and active player :neutral_face:. Which is exactly what developers want when they make a game

So, Flare should care about it
And if a player is being active enough to reach such high scores they should be rewarded for that

It’s simple logic:
higher difficulty = better rewards

Not, i still think its wrong

Easy way to farm gems is out of logic
You can earn enouth gems by farming leagues
But not a lot of gems, just enough

If you need more gems- buy them

If someone was watching league records almost all of them was ‘strange’. Especialy before reward nerf. I never beat such a record but when i see 2M score it shows me that it is a cheater playground. I am very glad that current record beater was banned.


Well, my proposal was only +50 gems for every 100.000 medals,
so it’s not exactly an easy way to farm gems

How often do you score 200.000 on your leagues??

I could count in one hand all the times I saw a score going that high,
and 2 times it was my own score, incluiding the one to break the record

After breaking the record by myself, I totally agree with that!
I even remember seeing some crazy 3.000.000 records before, and medal token was not even on the game yet!

But, 2M is actually possible, I could probably do it, or at least get very close to it if I had the energy for that. When I reached 1.700.000 for my record there were still some hours left, but, like I said before, I was too exausted to keep playing

And, I don’t know, did someone ever report those players before?
Because the current record beater, for example, went inactive 3 days after being reported. So, if you think someone is cheating to set a high record, just report them, it actually works

I think devs answered
No point to prolong.

I saved Darkerion’s record diamond league screenshot.

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