Better startup Alliance war boosts

When a new player start with RR2, he can build an Alliance tower on throne level2. He start with a donation of 1k. He then start an alliance and say within 2-5 weeks he has 8 members and goes into his first war. The alliance win the war and get, mummy, froster, and castle gate boosts. All of these are not of much value because:

  1. Most members have not unlocked the froster or got the mummy. (same goes for Arblasterand and Pyromancer)

  2. The castle gate is of little use because there is never much gold to loot on the starting levels

I Suggest leagues of Alliance wars (and I know this has been suggested before for other reasons) where there is a choice in the boosted rewards. Lower level alliances would prefer to have knight, archer and Paladin boosts as rewards.  :slight_smile:



I like your idea.

I suggested divisions a few months earlier. Combining with this it’s even an excellent choice. The higher your division the better and stronger war boosts should be winnable.

to prevent boringness, we need at least 4 competitions for division number one. Double the number of one level lower, so division two would have 8 leagues, division 3 16 and so on. Keep 6 teams per league and fight each team twice. So each team has 10 matches.


  • No team is eliminated during the league. You know there are five days of leagues with two battles per day.
  • You fight each team twice. This prevents boringness needing to fight a team every day during complete season worst case.
  • Giving up is not an option, you lose the match automatically when dropping under 4 active players.
  • No more 3+ wars a day.
  • Getting to a higher division makes sense, there are better war boosts winnable.
  • Deliberately dropping a division would only hurt a team, winnable boosts are way lower.
  • Keeping a double team to have easy wars and win boosts all the time will becomes useless.
  • Promotion, Demotion rules are way better than number of fiefdoms to determine next seasons opponent.


  • Top division teams will have best boosts. Members of lower teams will shift to these teams for those boosts. So I would still give several divisions same boosts, only a littlebit less strong if your division is lower.
  • Some top players like to raid more. For making it more interesting for those players, make 3 matches per day and on day fight 4 matches. Then there could be 9 teams in such divisions.

I would say that giving different boosts per division can make it interesting. But I don’t want to give too many advantages to top alliances. So I would suggest first four-5 divisions will get same war boosts as rewards, only the highest division gets the strongest versions.

Dena4, I like your proposal. It is going to be a very fair war system. :slight_smile:

Variation suggestion:

The part I am not 100% with you is in the above 4 lines. One of the things I really love about RR2 is the “tactics” you can use to win a war (even if you are not the strongest). The advantages listed is from my view actually disadvantages.   :slightly_frowning_face:

For the lower divisions it should work exactly as you suggested. The rules of engagement should become less restricted the higher your division is. In the top division - everything should be possible and there should be even more options than what is available now. (The more options - the more brains and tactics can be used). For the top division I think the following should be possible:

  1. Eliminating of teams

  2. More than two fights per day.

  3. Choice of who to attack. 

  4. Make it possible for two Alliances to partner. Make it possible to move players between 2 Alliances that is in a partnership without war cool-down settings. (What to do with the sculls - that is another problem or tactic)

  5. In the top division, the pairing should not only use fiefdoms, but also “war cards” and other statistics. (see next suggestion)


With the suggested war system, the outcome of the war will be fully predictable within the first 30 minutes. The little surprises we have in the game, is removed! This is a very good thing on the lower levels where you are learning how to compete in wars.

In the top level the war’s outcome should be totally unpredictable and the bigger the range of tactics, the better.

War cards:

I have another suggestion. Add a new feature where with the boost where you also win “cards” that can be used in the next war. First team get 3 cards, second 2 cards and third team 1 card. Examples of cards:

    a. Attack anyone on the map.

    b. The next attack is 12 hours shorter (two of these cards will give you an extra war)

    c. Everyone in the alliance can attack 2 battles more during the next war

    d. You can launch an extra attack on any adjacent alliance. (Meaning you can attack twice in one round)  

    e. Champions are cheaper in this battle.

    f. etc…

These cards should only be available on the higher divisions.

I think main problem is that whatever is changed, there will be always a group against the changes and a group for the changes. What one sees as advantage, can be a disadvantage for others. That’s part of the deal and we notice it already. I see some things as advantage while you see it as disadvantage.

Current war system is simply enough to migrate, migrate based on fiefdoms first and if that’s still the same, then on alliance level and finally on Alliance leaderboard rank. Then you know which teams should be put in division one, which in division two and so on. Main advantage of a division is that it’s more fair for most teams. Now you have to fear a loss of next one or two seasons when you win a season and are able to get 5 fiefdoms. When you are in a division that’s just to strong for you, you drop down one and probably you will end somewhere in the middle, at least not at the bottom of the lower division. By giving for example the first four teams a boost, even staying in same division is rewarded. For more teams this will feel fair.

When you get more and stronger members and upgrade your team, you can promote. When you lose a few players, you can demote and have more easy wars. Current war seasons are like a jojo effect for non top alliances, this will be more stable with divisions.

A risk situation like Marique suggested as option is also a nice one just to name one. Best part of it is to change war conditions and make them dependent on a spot, so that we are forced to change our offense tactics. I only don’t see how this fits in our game.

Launching more raids with shorter raiding times is an option you suggest, I really see this as a bad option in my personal situation. We had a change with shorter war seasons already and that was not such a succes I must say. First we had only three days recess, then suddenly war seasons plus wars were shortened to 4 days plus shorter wars. This was leading to troubles, since players like me were not able to fight 3+ wars any more.

Then they changed the seasons back to 5 days and 5-6 days recess. And last but not least they limited the number of raids per player and one you can raid.

I am not married to the game and can only play 1-2 hours max per day. Major part of the players can’t play 24/7 and have only time on a certain time schedule on the day. With 12 hour wars players from a complete different timezone will be in deep trouble, I am not going to wake up in the middle of the night to play a game. So I realy don’t like that option. Remember it’s a game and we don’t want it to become too time consuming. If it would, I would immediately stop.

Thanks Dena4

I agree 12 hour wars is a very bad idea. I did not think that one through.  :slight_smile:

For some of us - it is impossible to do war without major sacrifices on our daily lives. See 

And my suggestion:

What do you think of the following options:

  1. A 2 day war between alliances. You have two days to do the attack.

  2. Or a variation of Dena4 suggestion. Say there is 6 alliances in the war, and the war is for 5 days. You fight the first 3 alliances during the first 2.5 days and the rest during the last 2.5 days. (What is different is that the time you have to fit your attacks in, is more than double longer)

  3. Or another variation. Say there is 6 alliances in the war, and the war is for 5 days. You just have to fight all the alliances during the 5 days.