Better tracking for war declaration, elite boost activation, etc

The title says its all. Since all generals allow to activate elite boost, declare war, etc. When RR can have tracking who activated the war, activated elite boost, who accepted new member, etc ? I think this feature is very important to manage a clan.

No 1 feel the same ? Or is there any alternate way to track this ? Thanks and have a nice day!

It’d be nice, but coding is harder than it sounds.

I prefer instead that the leader of an alliance can choose what a general can do a can’t do like you can only invite players, you are for activate boosts and so on =)

Op’s post and oPelle’s post are both good ideas.

Like oPelle idea with user right.


Something like xxx declared war in chatroom also fine . RR already show xxx connected / disconnected in chatroom. Can I assume it is not that hard to implement :stuck_out_tongue:

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