Better troops.

I wan’t to share some features that can be implemented in rr2. There are 3 in total.

Some of us dislike some color combination of troops. This doesn’t mean that I hate present troops. I like them. I am talking about the some people who hates them. For those this feature will be handy. This feature doesn’t change their models but their color. When you go through the troop academy you’ll find 3 buttons. One for forging, One for upgrade, and one for extra options. In there you can change the color of troops in defense and offence. There are 3 tabs to select color. These 3 tabs combine together to get your like troop. The extra option button will do other things as well. You 'll see it more clearly when you read further.

     The 2nd feature adds kingdom flags. In my knowledge every country have their own flag. So why not in rr2. You can change the model of your flag. And you can attach your kingdom flag or alliance flag to your troops in the extra option button.

     The 3rd have a low chance to implement in rr2. You can now attach troop items like that of king gear to the troops. And modules for tower and obstacles. You can attach them in extra options. There are 3 types of gear. weapon, armor, and headgear. It is different for towers and some troops. What does it do? It affects the look of troops and towers. It also can increase stats. Decrease negative stats. And some will add new stats. And one more thing you can only attach specific gear for the specific troop only. You can’t get troop gears from chest. You have to fight in a special challenge called soldier league to get gears. More details about this challenge will be available later.

     I hope you like my idea. Thank you.

I would like to color troops the way I want, but you would have to avoid the possibility of attacking someone with the same color because without a color difference battles could get confusing real fast. It’s already a problem, and there have been other suggestions asking to color the troops differently so it’s more clear who is friend and foe. 

More flag options is great! Also add a flag to player profile pages so we can find those of like kin.

Few problems with the last suggestion. First, all your items are special and you only have one of each (or a few if you actually got and kept more that happened to be the same). So how would you justify giving a single item to multiple troops? Maybe you could have a feature that lets your blacksmith mass produce your gear, so that an item may be attached to a troop? But then the second issue, if you gave a small sword to, say, an ogre, what’s he going to do with it? Hold it between thumb and index finger daintily slicing troops that come near him? Or a froster, why take away his range with a sword? Point is, troops already have weapons that suit them (froster has a wand, monk has a staff, etc) and attaching different weapons to them may not make sense. Even if you only allowed humans to wield the weapons you attach, it would require rebalancing the whole game. So that’s why it may not be a good idea to have that feature. 

This would be an enormous benefit when recruiting. Right now we are flying blind inviting players that have no intention joining an alliance where they can’t communicate.

We ask for Flare to add it. We still wait…during the time like you said Alliance accept someone without know he don’t speak the language of the alliance and leader understand after a War Season or else when the player is kick out or leave by himself

Flags at the emblems of the Alliance should be … Or at logins, I have written about it for a long time, but nobody even supported it.

I don’t think coloring troops can create a problem in battle. You’ll only have low chance of fighting someone who is exactly colored like you. There are almost 15 main colors. And each one of these have many shades. You select your combo by adding 3 colors. How many combo you think there’ll be? There will a ton. So you’ll have only very very low chance to battle with someone who is exactly colored like you.

Battling someone that has exactly the same colors isn’t the problem. Most of us play on tiny screens with differing brightness. Even if the colors aren’t the same, they could look the same under less-than-perfect conditions if the colors are even remotely similar. IE I wouldn’t be able to differentiate between 2 shades of red in the heat of battle when I’m also paying close attention to other stuff going on. It’s just an unnecessary thing to worry about.