Better war rewards? A joke.

We got an announcement of better war rewards. Indeed… ???

We need to reach 75k skulls for a pro chest. You have to be kidding.

Do you call that improvement, it’s a bad joke. I would have given them on 100k or evEn 250k if I were you, then nobody would be able to reach them. With 75k skulls required, 99% of all players will never be able to reach them.

What’s this flare, trying to make us happy with a dead horse? 

Say no teams are eliminated and a few players amongst us are able to score 5k skulls per war (without champ) we need 15 wars to have a shot to reach them. A bad raid or having bad luck that opponent shielded a player while you raided that member and bye chance.

Remember that a team can only declare 5 wars, for the rest we depend on opponents declaring wars against us. Now most amongst us mortals won’t be able to score 5k skulls, not even with 10% skull bonus. 

I have 31.9% skull perk, did raid number 1 twice, and number 2 and 3 once, got all skulls and scored 4947 skulls. And since nobody declared war against us and it’s not likely a team will, we can say goodbye to that pro chest.

It’s not likely to reach 75k skulls without huge loser bonuses, so must we lose wars on purpose? The thought alone on that is absurd, deliberately losing to give a few members a chance to reach 75k. Beware… We still need opponents to raid us. 

Without champing it’s nearly impossible ever to reach 75k and even with champing we still need at least 5 times an opponent raiding us. I would feel deeply ashamed with such a scam.

Better war rewards I call not starting with low level chests and giving first uber at 20k, nope, upgrade all chests one level. Start to give an uber chest when we received a legendary chest before plus give pro chest instead of the pal chests.

Why not make a war shop? We save skulls for buying war items and war pals. Then more persons will participate. Now a lot of players know they never reach 75k skulls, so why they would help their team.

This change is great, lots more volunteering for champ now hopefully :slight_smile:   Thought I would make it two tiers, 70k and 80k, so people can get two pro chests.

Yes, for high or top teams who can afford to champ it’s great. Especially for players champing all the time. Another animal farm soap. All are equal, but some are more equal.

Why always improvements where top teams only benefit? 

Why not extra chests for winning teams? Reward depending on fiefdoms, then it’s worth to gain fiefdoms, dumping them will hurt. Only reward players who did do enough raids.

A lot of why…

You are absolutely right… 

It’s just a practical joke from flare indeed. For 75k we need at least 3-4 wars every day… usually when you get 3 wars everyday, it means that your team is one of the weakest in the map. So then you’re done before the last day anyway

Exactly. And when you win all those raids on first day, some teams think twice to do another raid against you. On our map, one team has indeed 4 wars. But when you are in a corner, you can hope to reach the center, since majority of team will declare war in the center. There is the action, so only two have ‘luck’, unless you are weaker than the rest, then after day one or two the season is over.

Instead of making players participate, this will give them a depression. More players will be demotivated and not even consider helping their team.

We started at a corner and will be fortunate if we can lock in a team to force them raidig us, but still it is the question if they raid us. Others will maybe try once. So no chance to reach that pro chest.

They should have created a war shop, where we could use our scored skulls to buy items and pro chests. Then players will participate, since you can save skulls for getting a reward next season, similar like pro league. Then players invest in skull gear, to score higher and definitely more players participate, since they hurt themselves by not participating.

Zorg ervoor dat de topteams samenwerken, zodat het lot 75 k kan worden.

Ze werken lang, lang samen.

but as allready mentioned, it will basicly go to the richest allies


Its so many words for nothing

we lived without this chest. Now we have it and may be some players will get it.

why need to complain about?

In case you guys haven’t noticed, there are more uber chests now and the first 3 are at 20k, 25 and 30k. That’s a welcomed improvement.

And also there’s a pal chest at 40k. That’s great.

As for the pro chest… just forget about it. The pro chest will obviously only going to be rewarded in very special circunstances, to a few guys who are crazy enough to champ 2-3 fiefdoms every single day of a 2% war. In a 5% or 10% war it might be easier to get there, but still.


Easy talkings for you Cromka, you play in a top team and are allowed to champ. But from you we expect this kind of response, no hard feelings, we know you don’t care for us.

There are no words for nothing, otherwise players would not give a positive response to my topic. like I said, it’s making 99% of the players ending with a dead horse as gift, that what flare did is indeed an empty promise. For 99%, there are tiny improvements, am I right flare? 

Arrebimba gave the answer, a very small improvement, a little shift of chests into our advantage, getting an uber chest more early (and a pal chest, containing most times panda, owl or wolf) , but say for yourself. The rewards nowadays inside uber chests are sneaky lowered last period.

Before I easily had items worth high amount of pearls with only seldom low items. Nowadays a huge amount of items in those chests can be placed in category ‘garbage’, only destination is directly to blacksmith slots. Oh… That’s why that feature was added.

If you really tried to improve war seasons, a simple thing like introducing a war shop, would already do miracles and seduce players to participate.

If there were great pro items for sale that you only could get by doing war rads, for example for 60k-100k and pals for 200k-250k (I just multiplied crystals times 10), players would be tempted to paticipate and help their team. 

Flare better could not have made that announcement and give us idle hope as always. Yep, a few rewards we can reach faster, only they forgot to tell that only players who champ most likely are the only ones able to ever get the new and best reward.  There is no reason to celebrate and to start a party for this tiny improvement.

Like I said now even more players will be demotivated and not even participate. 

Oh… But that’s no problem for top teams, yes I know. Flare promised better rewards and that means that at least majority of the players should benefit (the war participants), not only a very small elite group. Now majority get some breadcrumbs. Main price is only for elite.

Maybe I got spoiled over the years and I might be turning into a grumpy person, who knows.

These are the skulls needed for my lvl80, top20 alliance with 60-65 fiefdoms.


@cr1 can you share the skulls needed for the rewards in VL ? Since you guys have +100 fiefdoms I know you (at least used to) need less skulls to get the rewards.


ps: notice the 75k reward says “Pro-Chest s” in the english version of the game (“Baús-pro” in portuguese). Chests, plural. Is it a typo or are those indeed more than 1 pro chest?

This is one of the best ideas I have heard from a player. For those of us who persevere understand how and why to save up for best rewards. As a member of a mid-level alliance, the hardest is getting pals for beast upgrades. Would love an extra way to get pals other than wait once per month for free one or spend ungodly amount of money on one time offers.

I also understand reason to keep initial chests low quality. You don’t give good rewards to a player for putting in token raid or two during entire war season.

Its just 1 pro chest. No need drama here

and before this update - not everyone had chance to get max chest.


75 k in VL.

But what about the ubers? 

Is it 20, 25 and 30 too? 

We used to only get legendary chest for 20k skulls and there’s no pro chest so I think they made better rewards for this war. For value of pro chest, as cromka said, there’s just few players that can get full rewards at the previous war and as we knew it’s impossible to reach it without champions.


I think the rewards values are same for all alliance that participate in war. If flare really ever discriminate particular alliance for those rewards then they’re really bad.

ps. this is from level 31 alliance:



I find it hilarious that you can hardly see the skulls needed for the Pro Chest because flare made it a white background with white letters…I’d have thought they’d be smart enough to choose blue, but I guess I’m not flare, am I? lol

To the problem now, I’ve seen a ton of fairly good points on this matter. While it is quite stupid and unnecessary to have put in a new chest that only top alliances can get, it’s not a BAD add. As Cromka said, it’s the same as it was before, well, actually, it’s better cause of the bump down in skulls needed for Uber and Pal Chests. It’s not a big deal to add in that Pro Chest, it just gives top players even more to play for in the wars. Lower alliances are not FORCED to get it, while it would be nice to get a few thousand pearls extra. Dena is right that not all alliances can pay for tons of champs so that more players can get to 75k, but once again, nobody is forced to get it

In my view, you should just see how far you can make it without champs first and then calculate whether it is even possible at all to get it (for certain players I mean, cause obviously higher players will be able to get it :wink: )

one of the reason low player and mid player stop playing RR2. Flare only care about top 200 players. If you are not in top 200 Flare don’t care. So only 1% or less who have 32% skull perk and if they are lucky to obtain 4 waves each round for all War Season. Maybe they can get the Pro Chest. 75K is just too much crazy.I think no one is crazy enough to champ the same player non stop over and over and lose millions and millions gold. Maybe if the player is a general and pay for it maybe

for new players we have 0% because no more festival. Lucky if you find uber items who contain skull perk but for that you must find them first. Demand huge time. You can also forge legendary but if i remember not before level 105. Below you obtain a little 1%.

Again some improvement just for top players and only top players. Don’t ask why RR2 lost player each day since many years. Its not with this kind of improvement Flare will keep new players in game. New players understand really fast they are ignored.

Olympus Rising will have a huge impressive version 4.0.0 like each update. Here in RR2 I doubt. something tell me more P2W contain and worst stuffs in 4.0.0 like this worst War Season improvement

The skulls needed for rewards depend on the alliance’s fiefdoms.

99% of alliances in the game had the same rewards, the usual uber chests at 25 - 30 - 40k. This was true for 20 fiefdoms alliances or 70 fiefdoms.

And then there was VL, Todes, RL and Apo. They were getting ubers starting at 15k or 20k (I can’t remember for sure, but I believe it was 15k). They all had 120 fiefdoms.


That’s why I’m asking Cromka what their current rewards’s skull requirements are.

Didn’t know about this as I always in low level alliance (my current alliance has 40 fiefdoms).


@GalaMorgane Is it real that you giving some privilege to top alliance regarding war rewards?

OR is still less players then RR2

and OR is new game, rr2 is VERY VERY old.

so i have no idea what are you talking about. If you like OR- play it. Stop complaining about RR2z