Beware Windows 8.1 Users Intense Game Play May Backfire


This is a friendly warning to all players who play on Windows 8.1.Since they offer little or no freebies (videos, app offers etc.) to earn gems I have had to work my way up from scratch.Now I am at a certain level where I get almost no offers my equipment is over priced


with little or no improvement to the equipment i already have. Now its almost impossible for me to climb the tower without buying silo refills as i haven’t had an out right victory in weeks.I am forced between battling opponents so low they don’t turn a trophy reward high


enough to climb the ladder in the tournament or battle an opponent so outrageously higher than me that I get 2 crown victories and break even as if i had just went ahead and battled a low level opponent.In short after you reach a certain amount or upgrades to your


castle defenses and to your attacking army the game basically becomes pay to play by default of the opponent pool, trophy win

lose ratio and gold won during battles and length it takes to upgrade and upgrade costs.At first i thought maybe I had hit a bum streak


or was just getting unlucky in picking beatable opponents but its going on two weeks now and i have had an outright victory maybe 6 or 7 times in that period of time and haven’t come in past 5th place in over 4 tournaments now that might not seem bad but


considering I even purposely threw a tournament so as to drop in league standing to see if my opponent pool would drop as well but i ended up getting beat by players way lower than me as far in tournament finish standing.Thats when it hit me.The game is geared toward after


you reach a certain lvl of upgrades or trophies or defensive improvements it becomes pay to play. I don’t wanna play a game where the only way you see any gems for competing is if you never go past Silver league after that you have to spend on silo refills to the


point that when  you do win the big prize your just earning back what you spent to come in first place in the first place i.e if i refill three times at 52 a refill and the top prize is 175 gems then what good is it. Or if every opponent i fight i have to spend gems to get a three


crown victory then whats it worth? Especially in Windows 8.1 with no opportunities for free gems what so ever.Before you flood me with suggestions I only have one more upgrade left to go (which at the rate i earn gold and gems i’ll never reach) on plausible attack


troops. I also have all three troop slots open and all three spell slots open with the strongest spells the game has to offer occupying those slots(although to upgrade them any further would be useless since every time i up grade something the opponent pool


becomes that much more harder) In short if you like playing this game don’t upgrade your gate past 11 don’t upgrade your towers past 1 (if you have all poison towers and flaming arrow towers and rapid fire bomb towers). Don’t go past 2600 trophies cause once


you do its pay to play from there on out that might not seem bad for apple users as due to the free offers they may reach a higher level before noticing the change in play but for windows 8,1 players that don’t spend a lot of money you’ll notice it immediately.its


almost to the point if i don’t have my credit card in hand I might as well not even try to compete i earn more trophies not playing the game at this point then I do when i play and the gold i earn and save isn’t enough to buy any equipment worth having or upgrade any


further. As soon as you log off with any gold in your treasury you will almost certainly be attacked by a guy with 5 stars and 400 more trophies than you about three times who you’ll never be able to hope to beat in return. If you have a credit card handy to swipe then


this doesn’t apply to you but if you don’t good luck and try to have as happy a gaming experience as you can with little or no money and by default little or no progress.


ok thanks for telling me ive been wondering hoeto get the free videos

someone sounds upset. I have 2 accounts both on windows


ive never had an issue like this


maybe the game itself is just too difficult for you?


my suggestion to you would be dumping some trophies then. this will hurt your loot rewards but make raiding easier

I am free player on windows platform at 4900 trophies. Did I mention I’m also an university student and can only manage 1 upgrade per day? So the thing that is holding you back is something else, not the platform. Even though I’m insanely jealous of the hundreds of free videos and the thousands of gems Android/Ios users get, it never really bothered me.

Trophies can be the bane of your existence, its like this only if your not ready for what’s ahead…

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