Beware !

I decided to bring up the topic of high level kings that are hiding in lower trophy ranges. It is crucial that new players are aware. Today a great example was during the match making i came across a player with a trophy range of 2,773 base offering 182,677 in loot and 19 trophies with 724 medals. This was odd, Just by looking at his base i could immediately tell it was a high level hero as it was offering very high trophies and medals for that range level also had Ogres and Gargoyles. Everything was complex, But an amateur would be tempted to attack him due to his low range assuming everything was weak.


Long story short i did not attack that base.


Just posted this for players to beware of who they are attacking and that they pay attention to the trophy range of the enemy and also the medals and trophies offered for the win to determine if the player is a high level king hiding in lower ranges.

I’m annoyed by the ones opening their base and closing it after loosing all their medals. They require some fights to re-gain their medals and there is no way for me to figure this out. The typical Scenario is:

Matchmaking -> 150K Gold/ 250 medals -> Ronny thinks “What a nice opponent” -> Attack -> Get inside and see only black Towers -> “TRAP!” -> loose the match -> loose 40 trophies and completely depressed Ronny…

I usually look at the medal count alone. The medal count doesnt lie. Higher medal count = tougher defenses and waves.


100-300 = cakewalk, 400-600 = requires good macro but can be 100%, and 700-1k = don’t attack this unless you got scrolls to burn. 


I remember those days all too well lol 

Visit my base, I have towers of three different colors, it’s a beauty, guaranteed not depressing…




Unfortunately the medal count do lie and quite often. Waves are less of a factor than towers and I attacked bases that  seemed beatable only to die fast by ogres. I can also remove a couple of towers/blockades but leave the rest and full waves and my base will look much weaker that it actually is, offering less than half normal medals. So there is really no way to know for sure. Also, if you recently had an open base, the medal count takes a while to get back to the original. And other bases (that I use for always online trick) like schlenkerkrell show 31 medals for me for the last two days, but if you look to the waves and towers, there is no way that is correct.

Agree with Sorin , medals and trophies are not very reliable especially when you’re climbing up the leaderboard after dropping down from opening your base.

…ehm…I’m sorry and maybe I’m off topic for a while…I probably don’t understand the words…but what does “opening your base” mean?  :slight_smile:

My bad , probably wrong choice of word.Meant to open base , it is to have weak base , like straight base with 11 tiles only and a few towers so that people can raid you easily and you can keep your trophy low or drop down the ranks.Sure you know whats an open base right ?



So whats your point?

This is a strategy game and 

There’s no rules in this games saying hey bud u can’t open ur base…blah blah blah…

Lowering trophy 


Always online trick? :blink:



Where did i say " Hey bud you can’t open your base "  ? If you had eyes and weren’t such a smart ass you would see that there is no point, i posted this example for new players so they would make wise decisions when attacking and choosing their battles ! Now quit being a moron saying this is a strategy game like we all didn’t know that already.


By insulting somebody you are placing yourself automatically beneath them. Let’s keep things civil, OK?

lol sorin if youve seen other topics they dont exactly get along :slight_smile:

Not getting along is one thing, but insulting is demeaning…

well most of us are grown adults if you know you dont get along with someone the web is rather big we can just stay away from eachother lol


so if they didnt WANT to argue they wouldn’t respond to each other lol plus itll be ok im sure are rather inactive moderating team is on the case lmao

yah me too… some times i encounter 994 medals in random match of trophies range 2600+ … like hitmantan i shocked to his towers it is max upgraded skul and fb.!

Hey Sorin, were you able to attack this schlenkerkrell at least once in the last 3 days? That base shows really nice loot, but has constantly been giving me 39 medals. And as you said it definitely doesn’t look like 39 medals.


I guess it’s kind of cheating/sad if the person is online for that long. :lol: