BFF Cup Challenge

“Best Friends Forever Cup” will start on Friday 15th June at 9:00 UTC.

I’m launching a challenge for the next Pro League season (details are below).

This challenge is reserved only for players who have an account in this forum and are active players in Royal Revolt 2 too.

Player1 writes: "next target “Player2"”.

Player1 attacks Player2’s base.

Player2 puts Player1’s battle screenshot.

Player2 writes: "next target “Player3"”.

And so on … .

Both Player1 both Player2 both Player3 and company must have an account in this forum and an active account in Royal Revolt 2.

The “next target” cannot be a teammate and not even a player who wrote before a post in this topic.

If your king/queen dies or doesn’t destroy the gate on time:

-in the first case, you must use revive;

-in the second case, you must use a scroll in the last 5 seconds.

In both of cases, you must write ““my king/queen” failed “next target”'s base”.

If your king/queen destroys the “next target”'s gate on time, you must write ““next target”'s gate destroyed on time”.

You must write your name account instead of “my king/queen” and your opponent name account in “next target”.

It will end on Tuesday 19th June at 12:00 UTC.

Next target: Galalynn. (It’s GalaMorgane’s base)

Galalynn’s gate destroyed on time.

It’s an example.

You should lead by example, with  the battle screenshot etc. ?

If I attack a too strong defense for my offense (for example yours), I cannot put a screenshot (at the end of the battle) which it can prove I spent gems for a scroll or a revive.

In addition there are more players who are able to put screenshots than players who are able to record battles.

Finally, “ice bucket challenge” is one of my sources of inspiration.

I merely said you should lead by example, certainly didn’t say it has to be my base. I meant, analogically, you should do the first “ice bucket”, i.e. do any any battle, screenshot, then name the next (whereby it also doesn’t have to be me).

I’m afraid you might be expecting too much effort here.

You ask people who might not be interested to upload screenshots or else this game stops…

Sorry you ask too much effort for the majority here. I have create a topic where you can have fun to discuss for fun and no one participating. So if you ask them to fight and upload screenshot or video. You ask them twice the effort needed. You have more chance to do this kind of challenge in Olympus Rising. People there are habituated to post screenshot and video each day

ok, here’s an idle thought… if I’m on a PC with Windows 10, how do I take a screenshot?  I don’t even own a smartphone to take a video of me dying at someone else’s gate.