[BhWoB] Brotherhood Without Banners

Marvel Contest Of Champions MCOC


The [BhWoB] Brotherhood Without Banners is a newly formed alliance of 3 experienced players who have been around the block a few times and are just looking to dial things back a bit. Sick of AW at the moment but would like to bolster the ranks enough that we can run a casual AQ and still leave you the majority of your top champs free for you to quest at your leisure. We plan to run Summoner Advancement every other week unless we get to a point we can open weekly. This would mean hold all crystals and do not level up one week so we can get better rewards the following week. We are seeking active and mature players only and would prefer a minimum player base rating of 150k. So if you’re sick of being on your own and would like the benefit of the “HELP” button or if you’re like us and just wanting to coast on cruise control for a bit, please hit me up on KIK as Lykos or add me in game.  Alliance name: [BhWoB] Brotherhood Without Banners.

*** BTW: “Brotherhood” doesn’t mean it’s a boys club, just fans of GOT ?


@Madlen Please move it to Looking for Alliance Members.