Big bug time war!

i lost about 45 trophies cause this bug. from testerday when i attack with ariadne there is a problerm with time: time stops before i can finish the battle and consequently lose trophies. For example in a battle lacked 36 second from the end one, but the game stopped as if it had arrived at 0 seconds! anyone else? this is the third times that happens please fix it!


If you used Ariadne’s Spindle, some enemies might have been left behind your units and reached your Olympus Portal and destroyed it without anyone fighting against them.

Be careful when you use Ariadne’s power, and keep an eye on the emplacements of enemy’s units.

Yes, check the enemies that go to the gate, and summon manually a strong unit if they go past your army

oh i understand!

I have issue with this. sometimes I will summon units but none show up kind of like iam at max units. makes it hard to defend wall…

I think they are summoned but don’t show up on map

Map overload? 

i see it many times when I have a lot of units on field

I’m having the same problem here, the game ends before time reaches zero. This last time I still had 42 secs. And I’m also with Ariadne trying to conquer a minotaur island. 

This might happen as there is a limited amount of units displayed on the map. (bar at the top of the screen during the battle)

The units will be summoned properly though.

Also @FreddyKrueger : As mentioned previously, be careful when using Ariadne’s Spindle as your units will be summoned at the portal, but some enemy units might be left behind and attack your Olympus Portal.

There will be a limit in Spawning the troops, if the spawned troops are died then the new troops will be appear in the map