HI All.

I want to start very important topic for all alliance in this game. maybe someone wrote already about it so my apologize .

We are not able to see which decisions are made by general and leader. so for example one general can become crazy and will kick 50% people out of alliance or will spend all the money from alliance. Flaregames don’t give us any possibility to track this at this moment . we want see who did it !!!..I think it must be changed immediately.and please do not tell me that it is impossible.

You have change already that we are able to see who declared war (by Nick) so i think u should go 2 steps ahead… Please change it…   @Alysea  I think u understand how big troubles can make players when they know that no one is able to see what they are doing. I hope other players will agree with me . please Flare after all this fails last time do sth good for the Players.  .THX in advance.

Yep I agree with @Karman again.  And you too, @Morfoz78!

You should only make persons a general who proved their trust and from who you know they are loyal. But still it’s indeed a nice improvement.


From your post I guess your alliance is currently leveling between 25-30.

Dear leader this is a point where an alliance goes through all the stress. While in war season all the generals gets invite from the higher & better alliance.

The point that you have made is much needed.

Once I had to demote all the 5 general’s from my alliance for this issue. Guess what happened after that one of the general quit the alliance after 2 days. Since I’m not allowed to mention the names here so I respect that.

At present, I’m also not in my own alliance…

You should too learn to move on…

Cheer Up Man…

It’s just a game.

Hi all . thanks for  responses.

@Dena4     . U make this thing too simple in my opinion. Of course i.m choosing people for general who i trust, but u never know what is inside people head . People can change very fast . and then u have a problem . Player who is loyal all the time can also become enemy …u never know. that’s why I want know who become crazy that I’m able to react fast;)

@KeyMen3  My alliance is on lvl 51. 56 players so i need some amount of generals ;).

And I know it is just a game but i’m sure that u will not be happy when u some day go inside the game  and u see that 80% players has been kicked out of alliance and someone spend all the money and u are not able to see WHO DID IT :grinning:

@Alysea… i.m still waiting for your answer…:wink: