Big time connection problems!

I’m having major problems connecting to the game, as are others. Please refer to the video for an example. It’s awful!


Same problem in android, lost two war battles ?

Can’t even check who attacked me in war. Game getting disconnected immediately after log in. 

Connection is killing

Hello Flare, we’re all very angry.  We’ve finally picked ourselves up to play another war. But the fun is spoiled again by permanent crashes. There is hardly a player in our alliance who is not affected. Once again a lot of gold wasted for nothing. Thank you Flare for being the biggest spoilsport there is. This way you’ll also scare away the last loyal followers. Slowly I get the impression that this is exactly in your sense. 

Greetings from Hanni and D_U 

Myself and in my Alliance we got is disconnetion problems too, nobody can fight in war or pro laegue.

That problem starts yesterday roundabout 11 pm …?


flaregame please fix it fast, thats for all a big Problem ?

I have windows 10 and also connection problems since this morning 

Having problems too. Pls fix fast we have a war going on.

seeing alot of pple suffering this problem on FB, i have some in my alliance as well, i am having same issue. need some Flare input plz

Using Windows 10 PC. Getting connection lost within 10 seconds after getting into the Game.

Good thing this bug is for everyone in the game.

*****s happens, but its very annoying 

Same here… Is this due to the recent dismissal of 45 Flaregames employees???

putting too much money in those new games…too much of cash grabbers, this game was even and fair, got free gems…made u want to spend. the new ones, they are just gimme gimme gimme games

they should just put their focus back into royal revolt 2

My team is complaining about getting disconnected all the time. Sometimes even 3 to 4 times in 10 minutes.

Don’t worry guys, will get compensated.

5 gems

Each ?

PS: Servers seem fine now.