Biggest epic fail

I want you to share your worst decisions and fails you have made.


I’ll start I just sold my belt item for a better one, or so I thought, when I came to equip it, turns out it’s a ring :blink:


Wait it gets worse. A few weeks ago I had three farms upgrading and I thought it was a good idea to get a three day gold shield. what was I thinking.


The amount of scrolls I press accidently is quite a lot aswell.  Not happy atm, stupid brain.




My personal favourite is activation of the blessing scroll at the exact same moment as I am killed :open_mouth:

i bought a sword 110k gold showing my attack will increase by 30… and when i equiped it my overall atack decrease by 5…   R.I.P

  1. Blessing Scroll and dying is what I keep repeating…

  2. Accidentally hit the complete button on the Castle Gate when I just started to build it. More than 2800 Gems gone…

  3. Tired and slighty drunk hit some wrong combination on the Screen and bought Gold for more than 1000 gems. Actually didn’t had a worker free so was forced to complete one building which costed additionally gems!

I once removed my defenses to test something. I got distracted and forgot to put them back afterwards. After not playing for some time I dropped around 200 leaderboard ranks without noticing…

that gems part happens with me also  several times

must be a high level king then if its just 200 ranks after some time


That is because of the secondary attribute. 

yeah … i later came to know about this… but it should not show the increase if it nit gonna increase…



That happened to me with the waves.

The biggest fail is when i win a base 100% couple of trophies and medals then a bad connection in the game  comes along and when it reloads i look and i lost 50 trophies.


complete package of failure – > You won but still Lost 50 gems , Wasted food, won 0 loot.


This happened to me twice today.


Happens at least 3x week.


Done.  :wacko:





Done.  :wacko:




In the middle of battle, I pressed…I wanted to press the “war cry” button and I pressed the pause button instead…but after 2 milliseconds, without thinking, I pressed retreat button too…over 40 trophies lost  :slightly_frowning_face:

Last week finish a 300 gems blockade upgrade while trying to scroll down the upgrade list and accidentally bought legendary glove with useless normal damage for 300 gems too.Not to mention multiple times I’ve rush to click the new enemy button and miss several 500-600k base from matchmaking  :angry:

Biggest Fail:


I always forget to put the free gold shield while I am farming,

then suddenly I will get distracted, somebody will call me or i have to do something important.

when i get back, bye bye golds… :slight_smile:

Not a too bad fail, but still: Accidently clicking on something in the upgrades list to activate it, 1-2 seconds too early and spend a gem for 1 sec acceleration…  :angry:


not always, but… THIS! :wink:

Before max losses were capped, once I almost would have lost 1.25mio - I just was lucky that the attacker made only 7% (for whatever reason).


At the end of last raid I needed to buy a 2mio upgrade (before max loss cap) I accidently switched off my phone… needed too long to reboot… :confused:


Didn’t get notification of end of a gold shield, had roughly remembered the time and started game about 1 minute afterwards, with an attack already going on…


Also: Raid one person which has lots of pyromancers and other ranged units and firebolt towers and plenty of path overlap with gargoyles instead of cannons. Then forget to switch back to cannons for a person with mainly melee troops resistant to blunt and barely any path overlap. – No full victory. Then forget again and do another raid with gargoyles accidently… :wacko:


Needed exactly 2 (!!!) more medals for 1st place of tournament league, with about 35sec time left and empty silo. Bought silo refill, started another raid, destroyed one or two towers, retreated, then short connection lost (about 5 sec), thus delay of the end screen, then I got the “end of tournament” notification exactly 1 sec before the loading screen of my home was finished – Raid did not count any more, 2nd place. :angry:


Last but not least: Spending 50gems on a silo refill to start ogre 5 dungeon, scroll several times, including an apocalypse onto the gate 0.5 sec before timeout (didn’t notice that time was already that low)… well, no win as castle had about 1% health left as the apocalypse was just too late to fully unleash its power. :slightly_frowning_face:


With the amount of gems being spent unitentionally maybe we need a “Are you sure” button for upgrades.


Like not a major fail but I collect bread and gold by accident just scrolling across the screen all the time.

Currently im missing the Epic fail but some minor failes:

Wrong spell used:  Sonic Blast and not Swordrain

Scroll button unintended clicked.

Only check the money I can win. Aftware i realize that this guy is tooo hard or uses troops i not  used to.



I agree. :slight_smile: