Biggest epic fail

Accidently buying the third spell slot when saving up for the warrior package

I recently had an embarrassing experience.  I had just started an attack and saw the first wave was a Troll+2 Alabasters.  I figured I would drop a sonic blast and run ahead and let my troops finish off the troll.  A couple seconds later I hit the second wave of troops and kill them with a bladestorm.  I check my health and see that it is OK then glance down and see that Sonic Blast is ready.  I think that is rather odd, Sonic Blast should have at least 4-5 seconds left on cooldown.  Right as I go to press it, I get hit with the “DEFEAT” music and prompt.  Looks like I didn’t actually get the first Sonic Blast off, and the Troll smashed through my troops and killed my tent.

Attacking the #1 player in the world haha lolz you get rekted in like 10 seconds =)

ahahahahh Lovin this topic as I have done many of this myself.


 My Epic fail this week was this idea i had to make all the inventory I intend to sell pink so I wouldnt sell my good stuff by mistake.

In the prosess, I sold a legendary gold boost ring by mistake.

I try not to think about what i spent to get it.

I just found a legendary cloak in the chamber of fortune that was a massive upgrade over my current one.  Unfortunately my inventory was full and I had no gems to buy a new slot!

Will bear this in mind. I don’t want to be caught by that one. Must sell off the crap.

I usually have plenty of stuff in my inventory, though I always keep at least 1 free slot before raiding. After buying a new slot for 150gems in the chamber of fortune to be able to store a legendary item there, I swore that wouldn’t happen to me again…

I ran to the gate, have 1.5+ min left to destroy the gate, and im forget to protact my tent from orges, happned to me a lot :slightly_frowning_face:

Attacking MasterE on accident at the low level I am currently

struggle to raid the dungeon with just 4 obstacle,the castle was break and i just made a 2 crown…

(the spike is left)

Answering the phone right after I start a raid and forgetting to pause while an 8 pack of Gargoyles flies in and destroys my tent.

Backstepping instead of sidesteping to avoid Ogres. That club has some massive range… 

hell the side AOE on it is pretty wide too ive been hit and im like WTF MATE!!

I have been attacking top 100 bases just for the kicks, and at level 73 all are epic fails

Indeed… my favorite is standing at the gate with my hero in the dark (graveyard) environment when a wave of gargoyles or ogres spawn and kill me before I even see them… :angry:


Hint: Never stand right in front of the gate itself, but rather off to one side…

Well I rarely have swordrain with me… with DOT spells it’s not that easy! :wink:

Right of the gate and when waves have ogre + mummy etc… they dont even bother to come near you. They just go directly to attack your troops in the direction of your TENT.

Then probably my hero is just more attractive than yours! :grinning: