Birthday 2.0

Did you guys checked out the preview of the update? Oh hell that’s amazing. And all those who are yet to watch here it is -

P2W ftw! If you just spend enough money on gems to get pearls, you win easily <3

And very fun there will be even more elite boosts, playing a high level alliance will cost tens of dollars a month.

Manyyyy things to upgrade, loooong way to max again all XD

You can even forge units with pearls which is really funny :wink:

Almost all the buildings will get more levels :open_mouth:

I hate that everything can be forged now :unsure:

New levels on the video


Knights +2 (14)

Archer +2 (13)

Paladin +2 (12)

Ogre +1 (6)

Froster +2 (12)

Gargoyle +1 (5)

Cannon +2 (9)

Pyromancer +2 (10)

Mummy +1 (5)

Arblaster +2 (8)

Werewolf +1 (4)

Mortar +2 (8)


Hammerstrike +2 (20)

Toxic Cloud +2 (17)

Stun +2 (15)

Firestorm +2 (17)

Swordrain +2 (14)

Heal +2 (15)

Blizzard +2 (15)

Shield +2 (13)

Bladestorm +2 (12)

Sonic Blast +2 (10)


Barricade +2 (16)

Arrow Tower +2 (15)

Spikes +2 (16)

Bomb Tower +2 (15)

Frost Tower +2 (15)

Blockade +3 (15)

Gargoyle Tower +3 (13)

Firebolt Tower +3 (13)

Snake Tower +3 (13)

Skull Tower +3 (12)

^^ hey are the number of increased level confirmed?

Look in granny store in video she has level 130 gear… so that means kings level also.

And the monk has normal damage in video. Didn’t flare announce he was blunt?

Flare announced via twitter that it’s attack was blunt maybe they changed that in the last moment, while 130 levels will give options for veteran players to play the game some more.

option to play some more ? more like option to quit forever.This update brings way too many things for too high of cost, all need pearls and boosting production will cost fcking gems while the diamond league win give 375 gems still after 2 years.They even reduce the amount of gems won by breaking record!!!

Maybe if they increase the gems rewards it might be better :slight_smile:

Ok, so we get new levels for EVERYTHING, great, really great, what for ? With almost every update we get it. Gold crisis will  come soon.


We can now forge EVERYTHING,  great lol. Not excited at all. P2W again.


New dungeons, cool. I wanted something more than a borin game pattern focused on Alliance Wars. I just hope that you can beat it with your skills, not scrolls and money.




Overall, it seems like P2W pattern again so I’m not so excited. I’m glad I retired from a top alliance, it will be a hell out there. Won’t be surprised if I see more people quitting or selling accounts for a couple of dollars, they are not worth much anymore.


Were all these new levels in the video? Or is there another source for this?

A few of them were in the video bt they did mentioned most of them are getting new levels.

I gotta say I hyped when I saw all the new stuff that’s coming, but it turns me down to know that it seems all of it is more and more pay to win  -_-


It’s everything in the video, I just watched it frame by frame  :stuck_out_tongue:


Spells might get more than +2 levels cause none of them are maxed in the video, it just shows them 1 level above the current max and the upgrade button available, so +2 at least.


Same thing with some Units, it shows only Paladin, Arblaster, Cannon, Pyromancer Mummy on max level.

waves also get a new level and probably a 9th wave as well

9th waves omg, they should just release RR3 tbh.Then it would feel less of a burden but instead a start if new adventure.

Flare, why keep increasing the gap between the heavy spenders and those who are not? I welcome new content, but definitely not when it comes deeply associated with premium currencies. What I appreciated in this game is that skills played an important aspect on who you are and how you compete against others. By allowing defense and offense to be customized based on how many gems/pearls you have to spend, you simply give the middle finger to all those skilled and engaged  raiders who don’t have a fortune of $$$$$ to waste.   How should I know that a player from Apoc demolished my base because he is awesome or just cause he has maxed every possible weapon/spell that he has? How to know that I failed a defense cause i simply suck or just cause it’s fucking maxed to the limit?  How can the poorer alliances compete with the richer ones? and why the hell the skull bonus travesty still goes on and on! you said you will change it… so when??? Why is every update of yours an even more desperate attempt to milk players the most that you can? Couldn’t  new content come for the sake of just making a better gaming experience? Is that too much to ask? I came to a point where I even wonder why I keep doing those posts… cause I know you won’t listen! This year might finally bring the game’s demise, which will be entirely your fault Flare.