Birthday challenge




Ok, so maybe I’m a bit 9f a procrastinator, but I was going to work on my layout and create a video to upload.  I thought I had until midnight, not noon today… And now you have server maint?   How exactly is that right to have a challenge overlap with an outage?   


M guessing this war unplanned?  Either way,  i hope / expect to have the noon deadline be moved?  I’ve got a few more good ideas for you I know you will like to improve the game in addition to the winning submission(s). 



Also there was a little information on the topic itself just below the title mentioning when it would close.

The server update was also much after 12:00, so there should be no problem with it…



I’m actually in Hawaii, as I’m traveling for work to help with the crisis. the local time is 9am, Friday.   I’m connected through my work, so it may look like I’m connected via California since I’m on their network.   


Hopefully we can share some understanding, I’ve been busy helping others. 

I’m not sure why the colors are inverted, but here you go. 


Perhaps if you want to set a hard deadline, indicate a date /time adventure time zone or gmt to be clear?   Just sayn 

By the way, I’m currently writing a summary of additional enhancements for the game that are not related to alliance.   I’m developing more detail around the ideas, but it got me thinking.   I’m sure you will be busy rolling out the new upgrade (much hope it drives up user counts and average time played)  and will then focus on bug fixes… But do you expect to do a challenge for other improvements to the game?  I’m giving away free ideas otherwise, which I don’t mind, but it would be a shame to miss out because I was just impatient. 


PS  do you have alpha or beta testers outside your team?  I’ll sign a NDA.  I have experience doing Dev and testing/QA,  perhaps UAT? 






Well, that is where I am confused.   The message said High noon on Friday.   It did not say High noon on Friday GMT or whatever time zone you are located.  It was 8 am Eastern Time zone USA when the server maintenance was completed.  As far as I knew,  I still had 4 hours to complete the challenge.    I thought the US would be a fairly large segment of your

Thanks, ataide!  the new update so far seems pretty solid.  I noticed the framerate seems lower on my Galaxy note 8 phone.