Birthday Chest next month?

Just dropping in and asking flaregames whether we will still see the annual RR2 Birthday Daily Chest next month. Always a treat to open that one

A birthday chest sounds amazing!  :wub:

You wouldn’t believe HOW amazing! 25 rewards and all are Uber or Legendary (at least for me it was that way)

? Yes, pretty sure we all need this awesomeness. 

Please, FG! ? And can you make some of the items in the chest have skull ? boosts? ?

Yes, tons of Uber Items, mainly gems though. Nowadays, with the new pal update, there will be pals (I’m guessing). That’d be nice. Unlocking a pal I’ve always wanted - Aska

A wholle lotta birthday treats for pals? Granny’s ancient-ass pants?

Wow! Sounds great :slight_smile::slight_smile:

25 pro items 

my desire is also to get the aska, and it would be nice if he came in that bau.

lol no, PLEASE NO! It’d be all pal food and pearls lol

Works for me. Still hoping to get one beast done for my alliance.

Seeing new pals popping all over he place basically it dropped the chances of gathering enough pals for a single beast in a small alliance to near zero unless real cash is put into play.

Apart from that food is 'oke ’ since I have not seen one single pal popping from the free chests for weeks which means I am aiming for a level 9 pal before summer.

You can’t get pals from Pro Chests. I was saying “NO” to his suggestion of having the rewards be Pro instead of Uber. Who knows what would happen with that change. It may be good…it may be bad

Aaah, well still whatever really to me.

I simply do not play PL so I am mostly clueless. Last time I even gave it a try was when I got my first ever free ticket.

Just figured the chest had changed in what it could reward a player. Figured wrong then. Oooh well guess no beast this year then.

I just got a pro mask in my pro chest and have full pro gear. 


I must reach level 105 (I’m at level 103) before birthday chest and I hope blacksmith or granny event (also community week would be good) before that day.

I can confirm that there IS a birthday chest next month!!!

Bday Chest!!!

Wow!!! Birthday Chest!!! It’s first time for me…!!! Please Flare put Aska in my chest…!!!


Nope, I bet there is a panda, wolf or owl in there. No problem. I rather have a ‘pick a pro item of choice’, but also that will be a dream. Be glad that we get such a chest. 

I hope there’s discount for all things in this game on that day.