Birthday chest

1 pal chest a month and then it will be gone because of birthday chest ?

Frustrating, yes, but chances are that you will get a pal from that chest anyway

i’m sure you’ll get a pal in that chest

Does that chest come 7 days from now or replace the Pal Chest? I assume the former given the original poster’s comment.

7 days from now. Only a few people have it replace their monthly Pal Chest

I am in the same boat, my once a month pal chest overwritten.

I’m not as confident as Pellez i will get a replacement pal in that chest. And even if there were pals in that chest, I’m still 1 pal worse off than the next guy who got their first common chest overwritten rather than a guaranteed pal chest.

@Odkim, if you want your red pal chest, your screen shot shows that you can get it! Hint: One part of the solution is written in the screen shot, the other part was already mentioned in this thread.

@Fourofjacks, most likely (can’t be sure without seeing your Daily Rewards list) the same applies to your case. :slight_smile:

if you are suggesting we might get the pal chest the day after, I am not sure. This is a screenshot from Awesomest, it has just overwritten the one there, the following one stays the same. I guess we will find out when it comes, unlikely we will get any information from flare, and unlikely they will change chest rewards we will get.

You can always not open a daily chest for a day when the birthday chest is displayed on the last day. In that case you will miss the uber chest, instead of the pal chest. It’s what you prefer. 

It might not be the best option, but it might help you to get the pal inside chest (which most likely only will be donated to the alliance)


The birthday chest is at a fixed date, while the daily chests list remains the same if you don’t collect one. And for the daily chests you have extra 1 or 2 days. So when you skip collecting the daily chest for one day, the birthday chest will move to the next earlier slot.

In @Odkim’s screen shot, the pal chest was in 7 days, but new rewards are generated in 9 days, so he can just skip collecting for one day, and the birthday chest will replace the uber chest, and the red pal chest will be available again in 7 days. Just don’t skip another day, or it will be lost.

I think he will not replace your chest, but pushes away as in the case of the Christmas month. we have not lost a single chest. Wait. will be all right after receiving it the next day. you start beating an alarm early.

hmm… interesting, i always thought if you miss one day you just miss the pal chest altogether.
never paid attention as I always just get the chests.

anyone else confirm you can miss a day and still get the last pal chest?

You can’t miss a day, I don’t believe. The chest that you have, for instance, today, would still be there 2 days from now if you didn’t collect it. At least, that’s the way it was with me when I came back into the game when I got my laptop back. I guess it could be possible, @GalaMorgane or @flaretara, could you verify and let us know?

thats not what I mean by miss a day. I mean miss collecting a chest one day, and still have enough days to collect all the rewards before they reset.

See the screen shot that you have posted above. The pal chest is “27 days”, but the sequence is available for the next 29 days, “new rewards will be generated in 30 days”. You have 2 extra days, 2 days more to complete the sequence, 2 days more that there are chests. IIRC, it has always been this way since I started playing this game about a year ago.

thats the same feedback other guys are telling me too.

However they are advising that the birthday chest still will not move in the way you suggest. That the birthday chest is not fixed to a actual date, and if I miss one day, the birthday chest will still be over the pal chest, and i will receive it the day after everyone else.

edit: i’ll probably just test anyway, i’m guessing we wont get a response from flare, and hopefully I will still get my birthday chest at least. I’m on the fence, in theory as you say the birthday chest should be available for everyone on the same day, but at the same time i can see that the daily chest is maybe not set up to work the way you describe. But in this manner, if people have missed more days by accident it means they would not be able to get the birthday chest at all which doesn’t seem right either.

dont suppose you have actually tested / seen it work the way you describe.

Please see below screen shot from a friend who is, well, a bit lazy with collecting the free chests. :slight_smile: The chests that are still accessible have their time tag, those that he cannot open anymore because he skipped to many days, and a new set of rewards will be starting already in 9 days, those chests don’t have a time tag. This is the way the game tells you when chests are out of reach. Also you can see that the birthday chest is still there, and is, from today, 5 days away. It is always at February 27th.

Thanks Thomas, I will skip a day and let the birthday one overwrite the uber chest :slight_smile:

I remember once i didn’t collect my daily chest,  and i lost my pal chest which we get at end of the month. 

this is what I am worried about skipping one day, i thought you could not skip any, but maybe they have changed it… looking at my own list, i only have 5 chests left to get and it says new rewards in 8 days which lines up with what Thomas is saying.

Anyway I will give it a shot, I am thinking if i skip a day, and I cant get the pal chest - nothing lost there as I couldn’t get it anyway.
I will lose 1 uber chest, but that is not a big deal.

after all this I will probably just get tammy in my pal chest :lol: