Birthday Festival - Ongoing setup issues -

Greetings Kings & Queens,

We experienced an issue with the Birthday Festival yesterday which modified the initial event setups. The team is investigating this problem and we will perform a maintenance later today to revert the changes and extend the duration of the event.

We will keep you posted as soon as we have more information and we appreciate your patience in this matter.

  • Your Royal Revolt 2 team

:slight_smile: thanks. It was like chaos here.

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The main thing was not worry. It was weekend for sure FG would say at Monday)

Thank you very much

Royal Revolt 2 - where are the enhancements for commercials na windows ??? Many players play on a windows PC - why are they being treated badly? Do you know where to put your birthday? Farms, Taverns, Blacksmith … nothing works …:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues. Our Customer Support Team would gladly look into this for you. Please contact us via

will you fix it only for me after reporting? What about other players?