Birthday Gifts!

Shouldn’t members on the forum get gifts like gems, pearls or money in the game on their birthday? It would motivate people to join the forum. And people should at least get some happiness on their birthdays.


Like this idea. Absolutely nothing to do with the fact it’s my birthday soon. No, not at all. Hah


What a coincidence! :stuck_out_tongue:

If so I will be willing to provide mine in my profile. Else not revealing.

I will fake that everyday is my birthday lol


Don’t read my mind!

Also, I still don’t input info about my birthday to this forum.

Well in that case, no offence, only those who have added their birthdays to their profiles should get the reward…what say Jona ??

To do this you’d also have to link the forum account to the game-account.

I don’t know how much work that would be, but I doubt it would really be worth the effort…

to prevent this, there should be a system that no one can change their birthdays after setting it once.