Birthday Prizes!

I made this suggestion a LONG time ago, but I can’t find it somehow. The idea is that you put in your birthday when you first enter the game and when the day comes you get a prize from FG! A small birthday chests, or maybe a handful of gems (100 or so). Would be really cool to see flare connect with the community that way!!

Maybe this idea can sound bad but in reality its far to be bad. Many companies offer this. I think its Playstation with the Playstation Network give you free game during your birthday. Also I am not surprise if Amazon or ebay or others companies did this for their customers. I think during my birthday I receive in my email a % discount shop like -20% on Amazon. So during a birthday of someone Flare should give a birthday chest with 20 randoms stuffs : can be 2000 gems,can be 5000 pearls,can be 10k Pal treats,etc… of course in randoms way I means like 1400 gems,400 pearls,500 pals treats,etc…


You make a good point! Flare needs to show that they care for their customers and this could be one way to do that!!

I think better idea if flare will sent money.

like 1000$ or may be 10000$

its a birthday !!


Not at this point lol. just something like a birthday chest or 1000 gems or I can be just happy with a e-mail from Flare who said Happy birthday Warriornator in 9 days (25) just to show they care about us like every compagnies do. Feel appreciated a little 

Not.only 10000 $ on the birthday

1000€ on the NY

5000 £ if you will get good job and etc



Cm’on Cromka, be serious about this. Flare really needs to connect with their players and this could be a way to do that. It’s not sending money to them lol, it’s just a little appreciation from them. Would be nice to see, or maybe not anything in-game at all! It could be an email saying Happy Birthday like WN suggested. Anything that connects with us and shows us that they care about us would be really nice


just ask: what If Flare will ask donation from everyone on Flare birthday? May be its a better suggestion, what do you think?

lol, customer’s don’t have to show appreciation to the company! You can if you want, but it’s much more important for flare to do that for us, cause it’s their responsibility to make sure that everyone has a good experience, not the other way around


i will pay nothing but you have to show me respect??? i would answer- go to hell???

flare gets a visit from us every day.  you’d think they’d want some privacy on their special day! ?

I’d settle for a raspberry jelly donut and a Cherry Coke ?

100 Gems is not bad at all.