Bit of math on green's grinding

I just did a bit of math since when FG reduced the overall “quality” of items you find in chests … or raised the upper/bottom limits or whatevver.

More or less, if one is quite active, one can obtain over 3.000 green items a month (without gems) - buying the 24 daily chests for gold, the ones from daily time bonus, war ones, and random items from itacha and map fights for thropies/gold for the daily chests - in my case it’s about 3100-3200 a month more or less.

Now, considering the importance of refining nowday, and the huge amount of time and resources that goes into the process … in certain steps of the procedure it’s quite essential to start from a good base item. Just the problem is, we really don’t find them any longer. And I’m talking of just greens, as the quality of other color items one obtain from chests is laughable really - even cursed items, once source of decent/great base items - have been nerfed to frustration.

Grinding is at base of most games day-to-day activity … it’s a boring essential procedure that makes you enjoy the funnier fights part. But if the rewards you get from grinding are basically null, it just leads to frustration.

In the last couple of months, while trying to fetch some good green shields for the gatekeeper, I’ve obtain about … 20/30 items with a perk value around 44k ish - that for a level 150 is more or less the minimum of decency for considering refine (with bitter taste) and about 5 items in the higher 45k to 46k (of course with items or perks I didn’t need but that’s another matter) - the 47-48k ones have vanished from my range since ages.
That on about 6.300 items collected.
Which leaves me currently with about 0.32% chance to get an half-decent item and a 0.08% to get a great one … then, to that, have to consider the chance of what hero/slot/perk it will be and what you wish it to be, and then, if all went well, you can start the whole 1-2 months long force/refine process.

All this to say, grinding is ok. Not having right away what you want and having to work for it is ok.
But at the moment the items quality randomness has been taken so damn low that - at least for me - is well into frustration and well out of fun.

Just my opinion, you should revise some of those random parameters.


I totally understand your statements. Even in top teams with most active people, it’s not rare to see a period of 2-3 months to get the item you want.

However, based on my own experiences, trying to get the best, say, stun/AS green ring at lv150 to do make your Gold dream might not be the best move :wink:.

P/S: I didn’t wait for level 150 or halt-level to do crazy stuffs, I’ve been constantly levelling up.


Unfortunately we are not even talking of getting the best nowaday, but of getting something barely decent … if on a potential maximum of 48k green all you get is a 36k I doubt you’d waste the refining on it.
Just saying that making items not common is fine, but imho they stretched the “no common” terms way too far … always going from an extreme to the other :confused:

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I agree, I won’t waste my resource on a 36K at lv150.

That being said, for lv150 it’s more like 46.2K the max, and if I get 40K+ for both perks on a ring, I’d go with it. And for non-ring, I’d pay very attention to the base, and not just the perk, for many reasons.

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I got a 48k once - from a cursed , it was Perseus … brcelets ? armsband ? (missing the word) - and the 48k was on stun - so I know theoretically is possible … then again, it was once and never got that high again.

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I know that the “table” with 5% per ascension level, and starting with 18300 on lv131 is a little bit off. One of our members has once got a higher value with a cursed item at his ascension level (it was 145 IIRR). You know what, for me, it doesn’t matter :grin:.

Most of us are hunting that ring with 2 specific perks, it’d take you 2 years, and not months, to get that in a cursed ring. And like I said, I’d start with a 40K+ ring anyway, for some reasons. And for non-ring, I wouldn’t just pay attention to the perk :wink:.

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I mentioned the 48k just for curiosity (got it at 150) - and again just for reference … superforged it got to 3615 / 282.580 … which is even not the highest value I got on superforged normal items

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I don’t disagree, but lets look at the other side. There are people who burn 10’s of thousands of GEMS, to get the right rings… this is a business after all. I have asked how the formula works exactly, because the span is bigger now, and I have explained what might be occurring. I don’t necessarily think they made the possibility or the items worst.

What I do know and advise new players, is to raid with the hero you need the items, and max your resources… if its rings, well raid with anyone.