Black and fuchsia rank!

Hey guys!    

I was thinking of new colors as a rank… For example Black as co-leader and can make even generals but nothing else, and the fuchsia… i think is a really cool things.

Let me know what you think… Maybe we will see it!  ?

These are my favorite colors ??? please Flare listen our prayers? there will be a Colored  chat…wonderfulll…

Wow! This would be soo cool! Great idea ???

Sounds like a cool idea, but I’d like to get a little more info on what these new ranks would do. In my opinion we don’t need new ranks. Or, are you saying that the rank just gets you a new chat color? Anyhow, the colors do sound really cool

in Olympus Rising my idea was implemented and just 1 week after removed. The chat is unreadable. I’m glad RR2 step up and keep improve the chat in all way. More color = More awesome. Why not white,black,fushsia,All the colors for each Rank

There isn’t freedom to vote.

The poll is not well made…

I think there are already enough ranks in games for managing everything

No more vote? after close 1 month only 10 members? Its not with that Flare will decide if they add it. A idea to be implement need probably over 50 members+

Very sad no one take time to vote :slightly_frowning_face: its very important. I really want to have purple or fushia rank will be fantastic.

Why should I vote If there is no option for “NO”?