Black Friday and special gem offers

Today is Thursday and actually there are gems discounts at about 30% (they will expire tomorrow evening). But in 2017, there were gems discounts at about 50% during black Friday period, and maybe they expired during the weekend or during cyber Monday. I’m undecided whether to buy a gem chest or to wait hoping to find gem chests with better discounts soon after, but also not to find gem discounts. My plan is to spend those gems to maximize waves, to upgrade to the last level alliance tower and conquest buildings, to improve my skull gear up to at least 33,1% (actually mine is at 32,9%), to add other inventory slots and to buy other 5 pro tickets by the end of this year.

On black Friday, special gem offer is changed: before there was 30% discount without extra gems, after there isn’t discount, but with +50% gems (with expiration on cyber Monday).

Result: I bought 30k gems at 109,99 € (instead of 20k gems at 74,99 €) on Sunday.