Black Friday Sale

so Royal Revolt 2 finally showed the sale BUT this offer shows up at least once in every month! So this offer is not really a Black Friday sale. Sorry Flare Games you can’t have my money on a fake sale!! Completely disappointed! It’s not a Black Friday sale at all!!

-26% its a joke;(

it was hard to make -50% for everyone at least ?

I just checked and I have -50% for 20k and 7.5k gems.

Anybody knows is it enough to buy 7.5k gems package to get extra donation of 8M?

For me now 23/24%


I remember 25 dec 2015. That was DISCOUNT!

+1 worker (13th for me)

3 day gold shield

I got 32% off on the Gem Packages - It’s a joke!

Couldnt they have just given 50% to everyone for the Sale?

In my country when they (not flare but all stores/salespeople) do these big-ass black friday/christmas/etc sales they give a whoppin’ 25% (after increasing the original price by at least 15% that is) so I’m not throwing a fit about flare being cheap (not that I’d buy anything anyway).

As for sale names, Storm of Wars does these Thanksgiving or Labourday or whatever sales that last months despite the timer always being under 12h. When you give discounts all year long you don’t have enough holidays to change name every time. :wink:


I got 50% on the 7.5k and 20k gem packs, but spending 25€ or 50€ is not appealing to me at all.

I’m going to stick to the 3€ daily gems pack (around 2k gems in total).

Just saying: As free player it still not affected me if there’s a discount that need money only for 50% off. Perhaps I’ll participate in those pay to play if there’s 90% off for gems packages ?

By the way, when they will offer discount for pro ticket? (gems price, not subscription)

Never? :wink:

I figure they don’t see a reason to discount tickets because:

  • cheaper tickets would mean more frequent participation from free players that know how to get gems, and nobody needs/wants/cares about those. Instead

  • gem pack discounts mean more gems that can be spent on more tickets while bringing that cash money to flare. Also

  • if you buy a ticket pack it costs less gems per ticket than if you’d buy tickets one by one. So THAT is a discount already. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never give up to have a hope? ?