Black magic perk. How many points = 1 morale?

The ring and the cape/wings gives 4 shadow morale each.

But is it possible to perk them too 5? Could it be that 2k perk points = 1 morale? So if perked to 10k they would both give 5 morale extra each? 


I believe the ring was a dungeon item. Is it possible to get them in uber chests? Was alot lower level when I got it do stats kinda scaled to a low level king 


It was from the Necromancer Set. :slight_smile:

Wow so BM perk gives more morale and not more Damage? I need those perks!!!


Be  nicer if it did both! 

It does both :slight_smile:

I think the more the morale increase, the more perk u need. This is my BM:

9700 perk

20.200 perk


29.200 perk


38.400 perk

Hope it help to solve your doubts :slight_smile:

Ah great thanks for sharing sir… Lol So if using a level 10 ceres with this you could get like 70 morale troops extra over and over :open_mouth:

Just to know, with 4 perks, a good forged BM can kill any high forged arblaster in one shot. Also cannons and frosters…