Black Magic progress bar not displaying

The upgrade progress bar for Black Magic is not displaying.  I’m upgrading to level 3 and neither the Current Upgrades screen nor Wizard Tower shows any green even after more than a day has passed.  Version 4.5.0 on Windows 10.  My player name is Lone Beagle.

As an aside, white text on light green on the progress bar is really difficult to read.  The dark green on light green color scheme of the buttons would work much better.


Its just a visual bug. Don’t worrie your upgrade continue to progress. Its because you have upgrade Black Magic before Boost your Offense was on. Each time someone upgrades something before the event is on cause this. A bug in the game since day 1 similar to Blacksmith. You must not care about this. Soon your Black Magic spell will finish its just a matter of time.

All upgrades who are done before a boost a offense,boost your defense and boost your castle can cause this but its just a visual bugs. Your upgrade progress and advance over time. Just the visual are stuck