Black Magic

When flare made Black Magic I know the excitement that must’ve been going through them. It was a new spell!! But…they went a little overboard with the description, they only needed to write the first 3 words and no more…need an explanation? Look at the picture below 

I love to raid with Ceres and black magic 

hmm, actually sounds like an interesting combo

I have just decided to stop using Black Magic because I have Ceres. It becomes overkill (troops blocking each other), and I have found I’m more effective with Ceres and other spell combos.

I sure would like to try Pal Flute but to have a spell that requires a specific item that is now only available through sheer luck via uber and pro chests is a bit ridiculous.

Pal Flute is not great either, mainly because the Beast of your pal will stop in the middle of the special ability if the time runs out. I do believe that this should be changed “in a future update”

I do think one aspect of Black Magic is having all of your troops maxed. You can’t grab a bunch of archers when your archers are level 1. And the cooldown is very long. So you have to really spend some time preparing correctly to use the spell. 

I have been using Black Magic since I first maxed it, and when you perk the blunt damage and range it becomes very useful.  

Once I got Ceres I was even happier.

Sounds like Ceres is really good. Not only by itself but also with BM

Isn’t it normal damage?

I always use Black Magic. 

I didn’t take the time to look, but whatever the damage is BM also takes out troops and towers when you steal souls.

Black Magic + Flute is super powerful. 

Some players will stay forever on combos of 1912 and always will say bad things about what they don’t know.

Its the cause of Flare is always fucking the defenses. People don’t try new combos, cry, say all is over powered and Flare fuck who invest on defenses instead say them they must try another ways.

Congrats to Flare developers for the respect you have with us. ? 






I know about Black Magic, alright. I guess it just doesn’t fit into the way I attack. My attack combo actually works extremely well for the bases that I attack.

Btw, for you who are taking this topic very seriously, cool it just a bit. This was meant as a joke because I have never like Black Magic and I thought it was funny that they put what I saw: “Black Magic sucks…”

:wink:  Lol 

What Ceres does? Never gave him a single thought. 

Ceres copies your own troops, starting at a dozen or so morale.  Mine is level 8 and has 18 morale, so can copy monk and archers to fill out your troops.

It also creates fear in opposing troops, does a little normal damage, and has a howl function that is a small range but still helps energize the king at least.

It is also a pro-pet, and so adds pro-Bonus just like pro-gear does. So you get extra XP, gold, medal and luck boosts.

It’s the best pet, imho.

Thanks for info I am using Phoebe at the moment but can see advantages of Ceres 

Black magic is a very good spell, unfortunately it’s difficult to use in war or ninjas cause it can copies cannons and you know, cannons and gate isn’t a friendly combo :grinning:  

I use it in war but not in ninja. 

True, because in war you can have really close battles and 99% is not that big of a difference than 100%