Black Smith Changed My Melting Item

Hi Flare Team, 

              Ive always suspected this was happening but I thought I was just going crazy, But today I am 1000% sure that an item in the blacksmith was changed after I added more items to be melted.

The item being melted was Horkos’ Trap ( I know this because I had 2 and decided to melt one) . After opening an uber chest and sending everything to the blacksmith to melt. I noticed it changed my 

Horkos’ Trap that was being melted to the last item that is being melted. Not only did it change the item, It also changed the value of the pearls to obviously a smaller amount. Basically took a pro item

and changed it to an uber item. Please Help. I could have used those pearls at this specific time in the game. Upgrade times are 12 hours.  I will also provide a photo of the what happened after the

fact. Unfortunately I don’t have one before. I have circled the item that got changed. Thank you. 

My ING: Lord Sev 

Iphone IOS 12.1.14

RR Version 4.5.0


Visual bug, many have it even I, just wait that it finishes and it will give you the right amount of pearls


Hi tks,

Alumbri is right. We’re aware of the issue and it is only a visual bug.