Black smith event doesn't work.


as the title says, the BS event doesnt’t work for me. All cooldowns are as usual and pearl ration is the same as well. Any other player with the same problem?

The event is active now but all cooldowns are as before.

I have the same problem: i logged in after the start of the event, the banner said the blacksmith event was active,
i collected my pearls from the blacksmith building, but got only the normal amount, not times 3.

In my case i got 3200+ pearls instead of 9600+ and am missing 6400+. I filed a ticket and hopefully will get the
missing pearls next week, as they don’t work on weekends. This bug happend before and i read here on the forum,
that the missing pearls were credited later.

Some minutes later (around 15 minutes past the start of the event) the bug was gone and i forged my stuff getting
the usual 12 hour cooldown. I don’t know what the support can do for you because you can’t forge  now, but at least
ask them to help?!

@Mogor Thanks for your reply. I also filed a ticket. Not sure how they might compensate that. I can only forge 4 traps now ?