Blackmith : Pearl vs Gold value of an item

Here is a breakdown of the numbers of pearls you get from an item bought at Granny base on her selling price. 

(Number of melting slot unlocked / cost of one pearl / cost of one pearl during Blacksmith event)

1 slot            250k/pearl            50k/pearl
2 slot            200k/pearl            40k/pearl
3 slot            167k/Pearl            33k/pearl
4 slot            125k/pearl            25k/pearl
5 slot            100k/pearl            20/pearl
6 slot            83k/pearl              17k/pearl
7 slot            63k/pearl              13k/pearl
All 8 slot       42k/pearl               8k/pearl

Exemple : You have 4 melting slot and buy an item at 1 500 000 gold from Granny. You will get 12 pearls if you melt this item (or 60 during the event). If you get an extra slot (#5) you would get 15 pearls (75 during event).

P.S. Your item value is 10% of Granny’s selling price.

Helpful post, migh as well include in guide section