Blacksmith bug

Can you explain? I’ve this bug hundredth time… @GalaMorgane @FTB ? 55 pearls = over 2 hours


It is just a visual bug, you are melting higher number of pearls than 55. Once this melted you will see different amount of pearls from it.

It can be right. Thanks :grinning:

They should fix it even though it’s a visual bug




Holy smokes! lol @RoyaleDing2, 2000 pearls from one item?? Insane!

That’s pro item in my level (109). I bet there’s many player that have much more amazing item than mine ?.

Almost 2500 :grinning:

Yeah some pro items do that. My usual ubers are worth 500-900k gold but the Zelos ring is worth over 2 million. That’s gonna be a few more pearls than usual. :stuck_out_tongue: