Blacksmith bug

I just went through an Uber Chest and put 3 items directly to the Blacksmith, keeping 3 others.  I immediately went to the Blacksmith to see how many pearls I was going to get and there were no items being melted down.  The 3 items I sent are not in my inventory.  I just lost them and the gold I spent to melt them down with.  I have noticed other bugs with the Blacksmith over the past couple of weeks but this is by far the worst.  Yesterday I had a 50 pearl item being melted when I added a 2 pearl item to the list.  it changed the 50 item to the 2 item, but kept the original time going.  Not wanting to loose the 50 pearls. I cancelled the melt. 

Thank you for looking into this.

Yeah, I’ve had this bug before. Contact support about it and they’ll hopefully fix it for you soon. If they don’t get back to you, then that probably means they just added it to a list of bugs to be fixed with 4.0. Anyway, here’s the link to support Good luck!

Thanks for the link, that’s what I’d been searching for.  Got a reply from them today asking for more information.  I hope they can fix it without having to wait for an update.


For future reference, the simplest way to search for support would be to look up “zendesk flaregames” or “flaregames support”

Yep I have had this happen too. Maybe blacksmith steals the stuff he likes???