Blacksmith bug

Flare seriosly? another bug… i melt down 8 pro items (about 5,5k pearls without promo) and now when the blacksmith event starts i got … 5,5k pearls… lost over 10k… @Madlen what with my pearls ? 

IGN: Spacebreaker

not only me. a few teammates have the same problem

Advice: don’t start to melt too soon


it always works… if You melt 8 items and get pearls after start event You will get 3x more… others got 3x more but not me and few of my friends

This morning I checked meldown time. My blacksmith was on the boost but meltdown time was like I have no boost activated. After I run next boost meltdown time was realy x3 ?

same here

Pareil bug forgeron j’ai envoyé message a flare avec screen

I don’t think it’s a bug, when your item takes more time to melt than the 8h forge boost it will look as if it is not 3 times faster, because it doesn’t take into account that the boost is permanent