Blacksmith: confirmation before spending gems

I thought the confirmation pop-up before spending gems was implemented on all features in the game already, but it’s not working for Blacksmith’s melt down function.


When I remove a stat, I get the question if I am sure to spend 50 gems or not. I don’t remember if I get that same reminder when I try to skip remaining cool down. I will skip it tonight before end of blacksmith, so will see if there comes a question or not. 

Hello dears

I personally have all the controls on the blacksmith. No problem ?

I’ll save you the trouble and just tell you that the question does not pop up. I think it will only pop up if you are spending 100 gems, or more, at once

That’s correct, I just checked. I don’t spend much gems, didn’t even know there was a limit.

But I wish I could have saved those gems I lost on my misclick as well ?