Blacksmith event and coll down of forges


So every time blacksmith event pops out we always see few topics where players complain about most of their stuff being on CD and therefore not able to forge it during the event. (without using gems to skip CD). What if everytime BS starts all forges are automatically reset? 

I know this is a long shot, but would safe nerves of lots of players.  

This is a good idea, but there is a hole. Every player would just forge everything, 5 minutes before the BS started and then they’d get all their forges again. I think a better solution would be to just announce events a few more days ahead of time

yeah i know that. But its only one extra forge and main idea of bs event is shorter period for forges. So i think thats a better option than not forging at all

Why can’t the cool down just drop down to 12 hours at the start of the event?

I don’t see any problem of extra forge. Same if everyone can forge them all 5 minutes before and have a free reset after. Remember you still need the pearls first and second its not a extra forge you will make kill the game. You have 150 forge to do for all stuffs. So if its like +1 forge a week. I think the extra forge can be more than welcome. Like the wave if there is a extra wave slot upgrade or something like this. Player will like it more and more specifically the new players