Blacksmith event bug

Melting items down in BS event. Everything fine at first with a max, boosted blacksmith. Paid gems to speed melt a few low pearl items and get to the better gear before logging off. Filled all 8 slots a few hours ago, with the last 3 items being pro gear worth over 6000 pearls total. Logged in now to check progress. 5 items already melted, first pro gear item now melting, 2 more in que, 5 slots now empty. 90 min to go on 1st pro gear item. Added 5 new items to fill the now vacant slots. But all of a sudden the 1st two pro items have converted to crappy low pearl items, but still show 90 min to completion or 26 gems. The first two items in the pic should be pro items. Nor should it take 90 min to melt a 197 pearl item. Game name Zillah. Android phone 8.0.

Bug is visual only. I received the correct amount of Pearl’s, not the amount displayed. It is a reproducible bug. Adding new items to the que caused the 3rd pro item already being melted down to flake out too.

Hi Zillah,

Thank you for reporting this. We are aware of the issue and it has been already added to our database :grinning:

This bug exist from the first day of BS existence



bug in database, lol