Blacksmith event ended to soon? They said till monday?

Blacksmith event ended to soon … should end on monday?

In addition to the broken Ads it really was difficult to get a decent amount of pearls.

And indeed it was said to last till Monday


They probably meant Australian time ?

This happened also in the past, that the event ended a day earlier. At those moments the event was activated once again after the weekend, with extra days as compensation. 

Yes I was also planning on monday , as that is what was stated??? Had saved Pearl’s for next round only to find that was the last round. 

I wait with forging now. I don’t want my cool downs to go to 7days, 23 hours, just in case blacksmith will be activated again.

I surrendered and just finished mine. Disappointed, with no way to boost the blacksmith most of the time. Then the last minute notice, and then the incorrect end time. I just gave up. It was overall not the best blacksmith for sure…

You can use 50gems to boost the blacksmith…

You can give me 50 gems by scrolling on my base.

Hi guys, we are looking into this now. I will keep you in the loop.

Why is the topic in the Official section about the Blacksmith suddenly locked now? The event is still/again ongoing…

Just like me, few things are in cooldown for a week while otherwise I would still be able to forge those specifically…

I knew that it was likely that blacksmith event would be extended. So I didn’t try to remove incorrect stat from my heal ring after the event finished, since this would lead to 7days 23 hours cool down time.

Not that I was successful this time (this time xp changed into pyro), but still I have at least a few extra shots to try to get a skull perk there.

Can you fix the cooldown for player who have forged this morning please? We have 7days cooldown.

please be professional in the futur…

They should… 

Same here but almost 9 days in my case ?

They can’t remove the cooldown. At least it was that way back then when they messed up somehow and everything was on long cooldown here. Back when I forged everything after the start of the event and later I saw that everything was on cooldown for 6-7+ days. Wasn’t my fault, but they didn’t do anything, except giving me a small compensation of 200 gems, which was a joke, since it was a week long event and i couldn’t do anything during that event

You get compensated for what? I sped up some melting, waste my gems at last mins yesterday, now this event extended? I get no compensation at all ?